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Bengaluru Landlords Ask Tenants For LinkedIn Profile, Netizens React

The silicon valley of India has always been under the spotlight, sometimes for its infrastructure and many a time for its startup ecosystem. But this time, the city has come under the radar of netizens for a bizarre reason. People took to social media platforms and talked about the list of demands that landlords have for their tenants.

A degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) will give not only good jobs but also a decent house to stay in Bengaluru. Recently, a Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) graduate was refused by a landlord because he was not from IIT, IIM, and other premiere institutes of India.

As homeowners prefer tenants with specific marital status, food habits, or regional background, the young graduate was surprised when the landlord asked him for his qualification and rejected him as he wasn’t an alumnus of IIT or IIM.

Netizens React

The incident with the VIT graduate is not the first one, as several other people have been denied access to get houses on rent in Karnataka’s capital city for numerous reasons. One of the many criteria that has emerged is having a strong LinkedIn profile.

An engineer, while sharing his experience, took to Twitter and wrote, “Moving to Bangalore, and house owner asked for our LinkedIn profiles.” He added, “what level of behaviour is this?”

Another software engineer, while searching for a shelter in the city, was rejected by the landlord for failing to meet the parameters. He tweeted, “Peak Bangalore moment. After having Google, JP Morgan in our portfolio, still couldn’t impress the flat owner.”

Many other people have faced similar challenges in getting a house on rent. A Twitter user shared the screenshot of a chat with the landlord where he was asked to send his payslip. He said, “Ok. This is absurd. Is there any roadmap to clear this tenant interview. Getting out of hand now.”

The silicon valley of India promises the most jobs in the IT sector, but it also poses specific challenges for newcomers, and the trend of bizarre demands from landlords can be seen gaining momentum.

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