CK to look further into partnership for bicycle rental

The wheels are in motion for a community bike rental program, but officials are still cycling through the idea.

On Monday, the council approved a motion asking the region’s tourism development coordinator to start talks with Demon Electric / RYDE, and any other companies interested in a pilot project.

“It would be great if we could get the e-bike rental going with the businesses that are interested if there are no costs to the community,” said South Kent councilor Clare Latimer.

Earlier this year, the municipality issued a call to cyclists interested in creating a community bike program.

The request for interest was issued in February and closed in March. It received only one response.

It was from Demon Electric / RYDE, a company based in Richmond Hill, that has national and international experience working with fleet operations, including municipal projects.

“The vision for the pilot model would be one of co-financing with funding provided by private operators, with support from Chatham-Kent tourism, as well as third parties, including potential sponsors and government,” the report reads.

In an interview with Tourism Development Coordinator Andrea McCulligh, Latimer asked if there was any potential for the program to be long-term.

McCullligh said that could be discussed with the company in the future.

“I’m sure that if we approach them to seek out long-term access options, they would be willing to discuss that and also negotiate that as part of their services,” McCulligh said.

A report with recommendations and associated costs will be returned to the council in July.

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