Louis CK wins Grammy for best comedy album

Comedian Louis CK took home a Grammy Award Sunday night, nearly five years after admitting to a cycle of sexual misconduct. The cabaret artist won Best Comedy Album for “Sincerely”, his first standup special released since that moment.

The cabaret artist has been nominated two previous times for comedy albums in 2012 and 2017. This is the second time he has won a Grammy, but the first since several women accused him of sexual abuse.

In November 2017, multiple women said CK exposed himself to them and masturbated for them without permission. CK admitted to the allegations and issued an apology.

“The power I have over these women is that they admire me,” he said in a statement. “And I have held that power irresponsibly. I have repented of my deeds.”

In “Honestly,” CK made several remarks about the truth, but in his return to the comedy stage, The New York Times said he was trying to double down “on the value of saying the wrong thing.”

“It’s kind of like a negro-spiritual,” he said in the special when discussing consent. “It’s kind of a bit similar. So to assume she likes it is like when she heard slaves in the field singing and you’re like, ‘Hey, they got it right.’

“Comedy like many fields is a male dominated industry and there is an expectation, especially if you are a cabaret artist, a female cabaret artist, that you can surround yourself with it, you can take a dirty joke, you can accept anything. smoke that would not be in most workplaces, “New York Times reporter Melena Ryzik, who broke the story about the anti-CK, told CBS this morning in 2017.

“One of the things that’s interesting about this behavior is that it touches really deeply, and an apology is a great step to take, but it does not necessarily erase the pain or trauma of the original experience,” he added. se.

In 2018, CK returned to the world of standup with a performance in New York’s Comedy Cellar, before making several attempts to return. While many of his sets address his sexual abuse, CK drew controversy over comments about it Auschwitz and the Parkland school shooting range.

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