China sends military, doctors to Shanghai to test 26 million inhabitants for Covid-19

China sent the military and thousands of health workers to Shanghai to help conduct COVID-19 tests for all of its 26 million inhabitants on Monday, in one of its largest public health responses ever.

Some residents were asked to wake up by tomorrow to test nucleic acid at their housing connections, many standing in their pajamas in the queue. support forces to Shanghai, a newspaper of the armed forces reported.

Several provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Beijing have sent health workers to Shanghai, according to media reports, with some estimates putting the total number at more than 10,000. , where the new coronavirus was first discovered in early 2020. The State Council said the PLA sent more than 4,000 medical personnel to Hubei province, where Wuhan is, at the time.

Shanghai, which began a two-stage lockdown last Monday that has been expanded to restrict virtually all residents to its homes, reported 8,581 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases and 425 symptomatic COVID cases by April 3rd. tests for COVID-19 on Sunday.

While the epidemic is small by global standards, the city emerged as a test of China’s elimination strategy based on testing, tracing and quarantining all positive cases and their close contacts. The strategy has shown signs of tension, with residents complaining about overcrowded and unhygienic central quarantine centers, as well as difficulties in securing food supplies and essential medical assistance.

However, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the country to curb the impetus for the epidemic as soon as possible, while adhering to the “dynamic clearance” policy. On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan, who was sent to Shanghai by the central government, urged the city to “make resolution and rapid movements” to curb the pandemic.

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