US delegation raises major concerns over abuse of Afghans near Doha with Taliban | World news

A US delegation expressed deep concern over alleged human rights abuses in Afghanistan during its meeting with Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar.

The team, led by Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West, called on the ruling Islamic militant group to take the necessary action to protect the rights of civilians in the war-torn nation, the US State Department said.

West led a senior interagency delegation to discuss the Afghanistan situation with the Taliban in Doha.

In a statement, State Department spokesman Ned Price said US officials had expressed serious concerns about human rights abuses and urged the Taliban to protect the rights of all Afghans. The US also urged the Taliban to maintain and maintain its general amnesty policy, and to take additional steps to form an inclusive and representative government.

Ted said the U.S. delegation “stressed the importance of the Taliban fulfilling their public commitment not to pose a threat to any country from the bottom of Afghanistan, safe passage for U.S. citizens and Afghans for whom we have a “special commitment, the protection of the rights of all Afghan citizens, including their wives, girls and minorities, and the secure release of hostage Mark Frerichs”.

The US also continues to work to ensure that sanctions against the Taliban do not restrict the ability of Afghan citizens to receive humanitarian aid from Washington.

West said the Taliban were aware that the US was deeply concerned about reports of retaliatory killings and forced disappearances of former ANSF (Afghan National Security Force) members. “We have urged the Taliban to ensure that their pledge of amnesty is upheld and that those responsible are held accountable.

Speaking about the continued support of the United States for Afghan people with humanitarian aid, West said: “We have provided $ 474 million this year, applauding the robust efforts of allies and partners in this space, and making every effort to ensure that the UN and humanitarian helping actors scale up to meet needs this winter. “

“We will pursue clear, open diplomacy with the Taliban. Legitimacy and support must be earned through actions to tackle terrorism, establish an inclusive government and respect the rights of minorities, women and girls – including equal access to education and employment, “he continued.

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