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Vikram Vedha, Drishyam 2: Is Bollywood’s reign of remakes coming to an end?

The trend of dusting off, recasting and replicating successful films for newer audiences is common in movie industries across the world. Four of the 10 best picture nominees at the Oscars this year were remakes or reboots of earlier films – the eventual winner, Coda, was adapted from a 2014 French film. Source link

Vikram Vedha news: ‘Vikram Vedha’ gets a lukewarm response: Can budget be the reason why Hindi remakes of South movies are faring poorly?

The underwhelming performance of recent Hindi film ‘Vikram Vedha‘ (2022)- a re-make of Tamil film of the same name – has triggered discussions about the “efficiency” of budget or cost of Hindi re-makes of southern films. This is despite the fact that the sentiments associated with the film have been positive enough for trade analysts … Read more

The Symbolization Of “Vikram Aur Betaal” In ‘Vikram Vedha,’ Explained

“Vikram Vedha,” written and directed by Gayatri and Pushkar, is proof of the fact that we do not have to look anywhere else to find inspiration and stories, as there is an abundance of rich content available in our own culture, mythology, and folklore. For years, we have turned a blind eye towards it. India … Read more

Hrithik, Saif amp up action in ‘Vikram Vedha’ Hindi remake teaser

The Tamil original starring Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi was a massive hit in 2017. The story of ‘Vikram Vedha’ is full of twists and turns, as a tough cop Vikram (Saif Ali Khan) sets out to track and chase a dreaded gangster Vedha (Hrithik Roshan). What unfolds is a cat-and-mouse chase, where Vedha, a master … Read more