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India Says Importing Russian Oil Part Of Inflation Management

India’s finance minister said on Thursday that importing Russian oil was part of the country’s inflation-management strategy and that other countries were doing something similar. Despite Western pressure, India has not condemned Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, instead calling for a diplomatic solution to the crisis and an end to violence. Russia has for decades … Read more

Pakistan gets new finance minister amid economic crisis, vows to tame inflation | World News

Pakistan’s new finance minister, Ishaq Dar, will work to rein in inflation and cut interest rates, he said on Wednesday, calling the rupee currency undervalued and promising a strong response to resolve the South Asian nation’s worst economic crisis. In his fourth time in the role, the chartered accountant must tackle a balance of payment … Read more

Household savings in India dip to lowest in five year as inflation persists

The savings of Indian households fell to the lowest level in last five years in the year ending March 31, 2022. As the inflation eroded the purchasing power, people dug into their savings to spend after the pandemic, a report by Mint stated. Compared with 15.9 per cent in FY21, the gross … Read more

Voters Trust the GOP on Inflation. But it Doesn’t Mean They’re Voting Republican | Politics

Americans are really upset about inflation and almost always list it as the top issue in their minds as they think about voting in the midterm elections in November. That’s a Republican advantage, since polls also show that voters trust the GOP more than Democrats to address the rising cost of living. And yet, Republicans … Read more

The cost of taming inflation could be 3 million lost jobs

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has warned that getting inflation under control will involve “some pain to households and businesses.” What kind of pain is he talking about? So far, the pain has been plunging stock values and higher borrowing costs for homes, cars, credit-card purchases and business investments. But the toll could also include … Read more

OTG Management using earned-wage access cards to help employees contend with inflation, emergency costs

When employees work a shift, they can access the app and request the money deposited onto their pay card as soon as they clock out, he says, noting workers can transfer the funds to their bank account or even pay bills directly from the card. Read: Survey finds Canadians’ financial well-being continues to decline amid rising … Read more

Nearly 70% of Americans are looking for extra work to combat inflation

A few months ago, Mike Petree noticed an alarming pattern: His bank account would get uncomfortably low on the weekends before he’d get his paycheck, paid biweekly on Wednesdays. Despite no changes to their daily habits, bills for him and his family of five skyrocketed: a $120 weekly grocery bill ballooned to $200, and a … Read more

‘Indian economy will not get into recession…’: Nirmala Sitharaman on inflation | Economy News

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated in Lok Sabha on Monday that there is no danger of India entering a recession or stagflation. Sitharaman also stated that the debate over rising prices is more political in nature than data-driven. Read More: DA Hike: THIS state increases dearness allowance to 34% for govt employees … Read more

Inflation expected to ease as global oil prices dip, focus is now on growth

India is expected to shift its focus back on economic growth even as inflation inched upward touching the uncomfortable 7 per cent mark in August up from 6.7 per cent in July. But sources said that with the easing of global crude oil prices, policymakers are no more overly worried about inflation. With global crude oil … Read more