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ZF India says cost may not be a deterrent for entry-level cars after new airbag regulation

The growing safety consciousness among passengers and the latest Government notification mandating 6 airbags for all new cars from October 2023 and penalising non-usage of seat belts for rear passengers is expected to be a growth driver for relevant component makers. Suresh KV, President, ZF India, with a 30-35 percent airbag market share currently, believes that … Read more

Occupation uses warplanes as a deterrent due to loss of control in West Bank – Middle East Monitor

Due to the inability of the Israeli Occupation army to control the escalation of resistance operations taking place in the occupied West Bank cities, especially in Jenin and Nablus, it has resorted to using helicopters and drones in order to reach the resistance fighters.  The Occupation’s use of various types of planes reflects its failure … Read more