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Cost of “decoupling from China” enormous for world, says expert-Xinhua

Aerial photo taken on June 30, 2022 shows a China-Europe freight train pulling out of the Tuanjiecun station in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. (Xinhua/Tang Yi) It is in Germany’s interest to continue and expand cooperation with China, said Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and chairwoman of the German think tank the Schiller Institute. FRANKFURT, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) … Read more

World Bank Releases Its First Report on the Circular Economy in the EU, Says Decoupling Growth From Resource Use in Europe Achievable Within Decade – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News

World Bank Releases Its First Report on the Circular Economy in the EU, Says Decoupling Growth From Resource Use in Europe Achievable Within Decade – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News | Recent Educational News Home International News World Bank … Read more

U.S. not seeking decoupling from Chinese economy: commerce secretary

The United States will keep pressing China to address economic practices that create disadvantages for U.S. companies, but is not seeking to cut economic ties with the Asian powerhouse, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Wednesday. While slamming Beijing over the massive financial support it provides to Chinese companies and its alleged intellectual property theft, Raimondo … Read more

More countries, intl economic agencies awaken to harm from protectionist, decoupling policies practiced by US

IMF Photo: VCG Leaders of several major international economic organizations have warned against the negative impact of deglobalization, as the global community increasingly reaches consensus on the economic harm caused by the protectionist policies adopted by the US and some of its allies.  The repercussions of such policies, including surging inflation, disrupted global supply chains … Read more

Olaf Scholz warns against ‘decoupling’ economies – DW – 11/29/2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held an annual meeting with the leaders of a number of multilateral global financial and political organizations — the IMF, WTO, ILO, OECD and World Bank — in Berlin on Tuesday, where a range of issues tied to international economic policy were discussed. Scholz made a plea for pulling together during a difficult time. … Read more

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Decoupling is not the answer to climate crisis

The writer is the director-general of the World Trade Organization Climate change is an existential threat. Left unabated, we will see more scenes of desolation like in Pakistan, where recent flooding left a third of the country under water and put food and economic security at risk. Tackling this crisis is an inescapably global issue … Read more

The new era of decoupling, deglobalisation and economic war

The Covid-19 pandemic marks the end of the great era of globalisation. Now the troubled times of decoupling arrive. We are at a Matthew Arnold moment: Wandering between two worlds, one dead,The other powerless to be born,With nowhere yet to rest my head,Like these, on earth I wait forlorn. China’s President Xi Jinping and US … Read more

Why Nifty outperformance doesn’t mean decoupling from global markets

Since last Diwali, the Indian equity markets have delivered an impressive performance. On the other hand, most key global indices, such as the US S&P 500 and the FTSE Emerging Market index, declined more than 20%, indicating that they are hovering in a bear market territory. The US Tech index Nasdaq, too, is down by … Read more

Decoupling trickle-down economics | The Guardian Nigeria News

In the quest for an enduringly effective economic model in societies, one which unleashes wealth creation, economic growth, positive Gross Domestic Product (GDP), low unemployment, heightened aggregate demand and robust multiplier effects, economists have, over time, proffered various theories, all of which have their relative merits and demerits. These include, but are by no means … Read more

China Rebooting Mao-Era Institution To Prepare For Decoupling From Global Economy

Beijing: China is rebooting a Mao Zedong-era institution that once functioned as a pillar of the Socialist command economy to prepare for future ‘decoupling’ from the global economy, analysts said, as per a media report. Heralding a major step away from the market-oriented economic policies of the last 40 years, the 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress … Read more