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Franklin Templeton expands its capabilities in the high-growth separately managed account (SMA) business, where it is already a leader, with over $130 billion in SMA assets under management as of November 30, 2021. OSAM’s capabilities, both as a factor-based investment manager and as a Custom Indexing solution via its flagship Canvas® platform, will significantly expand and enhance Franklin Templeton’s existing strengths in SMA and custom solutions. Canvas, which was launched in late 2019, has enjoyed remarkable growth since its start, more than doubling its assets in the last year to more than $2 billion of o shaughnessy asset management total $6.5 billion in assets under administration as of November 30, 2021.

“We are delighted to welcome Jim and Patrick O’Shaughnessy and the o shaughnessy asset management team to Franklin Templeton,” said Roger Paradiso, Head of Product Solutions at Franklin Templeton. “Custom Indexing is consistent with our commitment to making sophisticated customization available to a broader investment audience.” This collaboration strengthens our capacity to provide appealing tailored SMA solutions to clients, advisers, and firms.”

O shaughnessy asset management Canvas platform enables financial advisors to create and administer Custom Indexes in SMAs that are specifically customized to the needs, interests, and objectives of their clients. Canvas also allows advisers to efficiently plan, set tax budgets, detect realized and unrealized profits and losses, and liquidate holdings methodically to provide offsets.

“This is an exciting new chapter for O shaughnessy asset management and the clients we serve,” stated o shaughnessy asset management CEO Patrick O’Shaughnessy. “Our collaboration with Franklin Templeton will serve as a catalyst for ongoing innovation, particularly in Custom Indexing, which we believe has significant opportunity and growth.”

O shaughnessy asset management brand will be retained, and its more than 40 team members will join Franklin Templeton, together with its intellectual property, investment management systems, and primary business assets required to expand and grow the firm under Franklin Templeton’s Product Solutions division.

About O Shaughnessy Asset Management

O Shaughnessy Asset Management a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton, is a quantitative asset management firm situated in Stamford, Connecticut. The firm provides institutional investors, individual investors, and high-net-worth clients of financial advisors with a diverse selection of equities portfolios. O Shaughnessy Asset Management also acts as the investment advisor for a mutual fund in the United States and as a sub adviser for a family of mutual funds in Canada. Since 1996, the firm’s workforce has been managing client funds. Please visit www.osam.com for further information.


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