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Milwaukee towing company helps police combat reckless driving

MILWAUKEE — One Milwaukee towing company handles all of the towing contracts in the City of Milwaukee and most in Milwaukee County. They also play an integral role in helping Milwaukee police combat reckless driving.

“We tow people that are arrested, people that don’t have insurance, people that are driving recklessly,” said Jeff Piller, owner of All City Towing.

He and his drivers are extremely busy responding to incidents all across the Milwaukee area.

“Just in the City of Milwaukee alone, we probably respond to, on a light day, 25 accidents and maybe on a heavier day up to 50 or 60 accidents, all in one day,” said Piller.

As the team that exclusively handles the tows in the City of Milwaukee, they’ve played a big role in helping to take care away from dangerous drivers. Back in May, the city introduced a new tow policy aimed at combating reckless driving. Despite the critical role he plays, Jeff stays in his own lane and remains focused on the task in front of him.

“Do you ever sit back and realize that Milwaukee streets are becoming safer because of the work that you and your team are doing,” asked TMJ4’s Ryan Jenkins.

“I have never sat back and thought about that actually. I am always so focused on doing the job fast and efficiently. I never really have thought about what actually happens because of it,” Piller said.

He’s humble, but his work is paying off. Milwaukee police say 166 vehicles have been towed for reckless driving so far this year.

For Piller and his team, the job can be emotionally draining.

“You hear from the officers on scene that there was a child that passed away or that someone passed away in there. Obviously, that’s all gone when we get there, but it does make you think. I got two daughters,” Piller said.

And physically, the job is dangerous too.

“You actually feel the cars go by. If you’re under a vehicle or under a truck, it almost feels like a train when they go by really fast,” said Piller. “The road like vibrates and it makes the hair stand up on your back a little bit.”

Nick Jarmusz with AAA – The Auto Group shares just how dangerous the towing profession can be.

“According to data from the CDC, the towing industry has a fatality rate 15 times higher than all other private industries,” said Jarmusz. “It averages out to a fatality every other week.”

It’s why Piller is asking all drivers to slow down and move over.

“I’m always looking over my shoulder,” he said.

Learn more about TMJ4’s Project: Drive Safer and share your experience with reckless driving on Milwaukee roads at

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