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July: $417 in passive income from Bots, Miners & Stepn! | by Mark @ Realistic Crypto | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

Where is time going?? August already and time for the July passive income update.. I’ll leave some links down below for the previous months updates.

April — $705 in passive income

May — $1,400 in passive income

June — $1,099 in passive income

  1. M2 Pro Miners

I have 2 of these miners. These miners have made me 3,945 MXC each which equates to a total of $540 at current prices. If I hold these to the ATH, this would jump to $1,025 for the month!

Since I bought these miners — 1 at the end of Feb and 1 at the start of May — I’ve mined $2,412 of the $6,000 investment and paid around $5 total in electricity!

If I wait and sell the MXC when it reaches the previous ATH, I would have accumulated $4,712 in total so far which is over 75% ROI.

Full Review & $50 off here

2. Helium Miners

Another disappointing month this month BUT passive income is still passive income!

I have 2 Sensecap M1 Helium miners set up with 5.8dbi RAKWireless antennas. I have 1 Bobcat 300 miner that I’ve setup in August and another Bobcat 300 that I’m working on a new home for — Hopefully, we can ramp up the HNT earnings once all 4 are online.

In total, 1 has earned 3.10 HNT & the second has earned 1.58 HNT totalling around $43.

If I wait and sell the HNT when it reaches the previous ATH, this months total would be $256.83.

In terms of investment, I’ve spent around $1,700 on miners & antennas and so far, I have earned a total of 19.45 HNT — $180 at todays price or $1,067 at previous ATH.

3. Stepn

Well, this is a bit of a disappointing month. Not only has the price of GST tanked but I haven’t been out jogging as much for a number of reasons this month from heat, to being in the office late and being at a number of events.

In the last update, I had a level 23 common sneaker which generated 660.68GST in June. The sneaker is now a level 26 and generated 398.31GST in July which comes to $22.28 at current price.

I’m not going to compare this to the all time high as I don’t believe GST will get back any where close to the all time high but once I’ve got the sneaker to level 28, I’m going to roll any GST back in to SOL to recoup some of the initial investment.

4. DCA Bots

In total this month I have earned -$190 from 3Commas bots which compared to prior months, is disappointing. I’m in the process of reviewing all of my bots. Whilst the image below shows a $110 profit, I got liquidated on a risky 5x leverage ETH bot which doesn’t show in the stats. I was liquidated for $300 which takes me to a -$190 loss for the month. I also took a big hit on the USDT-KEY bot which is one of my larger position sizes.

The total value of the accounts I use solely for bots is $5,589 so approximately 3.4% loss in the month.

As I mentioned above, I’m currently in the process of reviewing all of my bots, particularly the short bots given the recent changes in the market. I’m aiming to make these better equipped to deal with the more aggressive upside price action whilst allowing me to continue to build bags in the underlying coin by taking all of my profits in the coin that the bot is running on (DPR, ENJ, FLUX, HNT, KEY, MBOX, MTV, PRE, RNDR & SOUL).

I wrote an article about some ADABULL settings that net approx 1% per day (here). This is still running and the $344 FTX account and after 26 days of running, $76.39 which brings the account to $420.39. I aim to continue compound this until I hit 100% then I’ll withdraw my initial $344 and leave the rest to run.

I also introduced an ETH3L bot a week in to July given the current market conditions. I allocated $230 to the bot and it made $30 throughout July.

Next month, I will be sharing some better statistics for each bot using 3c-tools. This tool shows you some amazing detail and I plan to incorporate the information in the updates moving forward.

A guide to how I approach setting up bots can be found here.

My strategy continues to be accumulate and compound crypto!

5. SCPrime

This is a long term project that I’m extremely bullish on. An in depth Article can be found here. Not much more to say on this other than I earned 10.7 SCP. At current prices $2.93.


M2 Pro — $540

Helium — $43

Stepn — $22

DCA Bots — $-190

SCPrime — $2.93

Total: $417


Whilst I feel this is a disappointing month compared to others, there are a number of positives to draw from it. First of all, I’ve been consistently profitable in every month since I started writing on Medium. It also shows how having multiple streams of passive income can really balance things out when one stream isn’t doing as well as another.

Coming Soon

There’s plenty more to come from RealisticCrypto — I’m working through some ideas to bring some bot content to YouTube. I also have a few other miners on back order that I’m hoping will arrive in the coming months and I think that once I’ve adapted my bot strategy, there should be some strong profits from the bots too so make sure you follow me on Medium for future developments.

Affiliate Links

More benefits for you can also be found here: https://linktr.ee/RealisticCrypto

Also, if you want to buy me a coffee or a beer 🙂 :

BTC — bc1qaxaq2q9js89gyzhr0202sxt6hhgchprqjga5px

ETH, BNB, AVAX, SOL , FTM based tokens — 0x3B7B843D8125Fe7eBA541e1D751a4A73f0cFad4c


This is not financial advice, I’m not a financial advisor or accountant or tax professional. This is my experience of software tools that have helped me and my experiences with them.

I do use referral links in this guide. Using these supports future articles so if you found this article useful and you want to check out the tools I’ve covered, please use them. I’ll also call out where you get a discount — win-win right?

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