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What streamer hasn’t uttered some version of the phrase “Clip that!”? Before? Whether it’s getting a great headshot, making a last-second save, or anything in between, Twitch clips are your badge of honor. These small, bite-sized videos can be a perfect highlight reel of awesome, funny, and epic moments that happen during your stream that you’re dying to capture, but simply saying “cut this!” isn’t enough. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading Twitch clips so you never risk losing your best moments.

As it turns out, downloading Twitch clips is still super easy, even if there’s no easy download button. There are a number of ways to download clips from Twitch, giving you the choice of how you want to go about it. Although we think using Google Chrome or Firefox is easiest, you are also welcome to use some external resources to download your favorite clip.

Download Twitch clips with Clipr

To download clips from Twitch, most people use a third-party website. Clipr is a popular website specifically designed for getting Twitch videos, so it’s definitely the easiest to use.

Step 1: Find the clip you want to download on Twitch. You can choose clips from your own collection or clips shared publicly by your favorite streamer. Click in the bottom right corner of the video share Button. Copy the clip link.

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Step 2: Go to the Clipr website. Paste the clip link URL into the blank form on the homepage, then press Download now Button.

Clipr homepage.


Step 3: On the next page you will be presented with several download options. Select and select the video quality you want to download Download button next to your selection.

Clipr download options


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How to Download Twitch Clips with Firefox

Although using an external source is helpful, sometimes it is better to download the clip directly from the browser. This allows you to choose the resolution you want to download and have more control over what you download to your computer. This is a surefire way to get the resolution you want for the clip you love.

Downloading Twitch clips directly from the browser is pretty easy. However, for the easiest method of downloading clips, you should definitely use Firefox. This used to work in Chrome too, but no longer seems to work in this browser. You need to use the Inspect tool, but once you do, the download process is very easy.

Step 1: Once you open the clip you want, set the quality of the video you want to download. Once you’ve figured out what resolution works best for you, pause the clip. Then right-click on the video and click Check.

Step 2: Scroll up a little until you see a line with a link that says “https://clips-media-assets2…” and ends with “.mp4” – you can copy and paste this line to Inspect afterwards to search elements. It may look a little different for different videos, but the beginning of the link will be the same everywhere.

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Step 3: Double-click it to get the option to copy it. Once the item is highlighted, you can select one of them Control + C if on PC, Command + C on Mac, or right-click and select Copy.

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Step 4: Open another window, paste the link and delete any extra code you may have accidentally copied. This should automatically download the clip. Your downloaded clip will appear in your Downloads folder and can be moved to any location.

Make calls using the Twitch mobile app.

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Download Twitch clips on mobile devices

While you can’t download clips directly to mobile devices, you can get around this by using Clipr again.

Step 1: Find the clip you want to download in the Twitch mobile app.

Step 2: Tap on the share Click on the button and select Copy link.

Step 3: Open your browser and go to the Clipr website. Paste the clip link URL into the blank form on the homepage, then press Download now Click the button, just like on the desktop.

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