Jose Siri of Houston Astros reports, deleting profane tweet day after admiring HR, calling it ‘error’

HOUSTON – A day after Astros outfielder Jose Siri called his bat-flip homerun party against the New York Mets “a mistake”, he apparently retired on Wednesday with a profane tweet that was later deleted.

While not addressing the incident directly, Siri’s tweet said: “(expressive) bad opinions. Have fun.” It was quickly cleared for Wednesday’s game.

Houston stood 7-2 in the eighth inning against the Mets on Tuesday when Siri snapped a 0-for-10 slump with a solo homer to the train tracks above the left field in Minute Maid Park. He turned his bat and admired the shot for a few seconds before rushing to first base, a sequence manager Dusty Baker was not happy with.

“He should have run,” Baker said after the game. “In our day, the next man would have drilled.”

Siri was asked about the incident after the match and seemed remorseful.

“I know I made a mistake there,” Siri said Tuesday night via a translator. “I talked to some of our boys and, yes, I just made a mistake.”

New York third baseman Eduardo Escobar said something against Siri when he ran the third bask to the homer, and catcher Martin Maldonado spoke with Escobar for a while when Escobar came to bat in the ninth inning.

Siri said he did not know what Escobar was saying to him.

“I could really hear nothing,” he said. “I was just walking.”

Mets manager Buck Showalter said some of his players were overwhelmed by Siri’s actions, but that many of them were unfazed.

“There are certain things you’re talking about – right and wrong – but you do not want to impose (on them) the way you were raised in the game,” Showalter said. “(Like) ‘hey, guys, you have to be crazy about it’.”

Showalter added that a player’s teammates will often have such police, but that there is one surefire way to prevent it.

“The way you prevent it (is) not letting him hit a ball over the fence either,” Showalter said.

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