Nature lover shares Highway Hidden Gem hiking trails

GOMME hidden-gem walking trails can be discovered in the Highway area, and you may not have to go far out of your way to find them. After the recent storms of Durban, enthusiastic hiker David Hancock said people might have to wait for the high water to return and only then can they walk, but much more cautiously than usual, thanks to the slippery conditions underfoot and new silverware around. to stick.

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Giba Gorge

Almost all of the hiking trails at Giba Gorge remain intact in one form or another. All are very capable of walking, and most are comfortable, even for the less fit. People can choose from an easy walk to the first waterfall or cross the river to a cat trail and hike the Upper Riverside Trail to the picturesque cascade. Then they can find the new Skeleton Trail at the top of the cascade. Hike the Skeleton Trail to the enormous waterfall and continue on to head back to the coffee shop for lunch.

For the energetic, there is the Giba Peak trail to climb. Challenge your mates and your energy here, then continue to peak two and down the zigzags. There’s a trail on the sandy road to the steepest waterfall, if you can comb the big hole. The adventurers among you can find Upper Mackintosh Falls for a great technical outing.

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Palmiet Nature Reserve

The reserve has a charming circular walking route, which encompasses a large part of the reserve. People can visit the cascade, and look out for many places around the river where they can get their feet wet and may even take a quick swim.

Highstakes 4 × 4 Track and Store by Cato Ridge

This hike is a lesser known trail where the beautiful Mini Gorge Trail opens. This is a longer day trip and you may need a rope to help you fall down the 6m waterfall into the gorge. There are many river crossings, and the high level of the river will mean you get your feet wet. It’s a mountain hike back to amazing burgers and cooks, but one of the best hiking days on this planet. Fitness required.

“Go out and enjoy yourself, walk often and get fit. Or just join a walking club and let the walkers show you some perfect outdoor trails,” Hancock said.

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