Minor cyclists pay hefty fine in Thoothukudi

Police and transport officials on Tuesday launched a joint action against underage cyclists and seized their vehicles.

The campaign to reach ‘accident-free Thoothukudi District’ was launched on April 25 after rampant violations of road safety rules resulted in at least five fatal accidents per day in the neighborhood. During the campaign, motorists using mobile phones while behind the wheel, minor children riding two-wheelers, helmet and seat-belt defaulters and rash drivers fines on the directive of Collector K. Senthil Raj.

“The administrative district and the police jointly organized a variety of events to address the public and make them aware of the need to strictly follow traffic safety rules to ensure the safety of every traffic user. Since the official machines have played their role effectively, it is now up to the public to respect the rules when they come out of their homes. If not, they will have to pay a hefty price – fine of ₹ 1,000 – for each traffic safety violation to achieve our goal of causing zero accidents in the neighborhood, “said Dr. Senthil Raj when he launched the campaign.

On Tuesday, the official machines began cracking the whip against offenders. Officials launched the attack on underage cyclists and seized 27 cars until 11.30am

“The seized bicycles will be taken to the district police station and the police will hand over the bicycle to the children’s parents after they pay the fine and give a written promise that their children will no longer violate the traffic safety rules. “They also have to submit in writing the promise that they will not allow their children on the bike, which would lead to filing a lawsuit against the parents,” said Mr. Vinayagam, Regional Transport Officer, Thoothukudi.

The RTO said driving bicycles without helmets and driving cars without the seat belt will also be controlled and fined.

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