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The Telangana government on Tuesday decided to buy the entire paddy produced by the state farmers during the ongoing Rabi season, with the center not responding to the 24-hour deadline given by Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for purchase of paddy of the state.

A decision to that effect was taken by the state cabinet that met here in Pragathi Bhavan, the prime minister’s camp office.

“Since the inhumane, anti-peasant government in the center has failed to respond to our demand for the purchase of the state paddy, the cabinet decided that the state government would buy the entire paddy from the farmers by guaranteeing minimum support price (MSP) “, KCR, as the prime minister is called, told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

The prime minister said all the center had to do was bear the loss that the farmers had caused due to the low yield of rice from paddy during the Rabi season. In the rainy season, a fifth paddy produces about 64 kg of rice; in Rabi the yield will be only 35 kg, as there would be more broken rice when feared.

“We have asked the center to bear this loss, that will be 3,500 crore. But the Center, which was ready to write off bank loans to the extent of “10 lakh crore of fraudsters living in London was not ready to grant this claim,” he said.

The cabinet decided that the state government would bear this loss. “We are already spending 12,000 crore on agricultural subsidy, 15,000 crore on Rythu Bandhu and 3,000 crore on Rythu Bima. With a little more effort, we do not hesitate to spend another 3,500 crore for the purchase of paddy, “he said.

The cabinet appointed a four-member committee headed by the general secretary and consisting of secretaries of finance, agriculture and irrigation to work out the strategies to get paddy from the farmers. “We will start shopping malls in each village and buy paddy in the next three or four days by offering them an MSP from 1,960 per quint. The farmers do not have to do emergency paddy sales, “said KCR.

Claiming that the center was going against the spirit of federalism, the prime minister said that the Modi government was deliberately weakening the states to make them for Delhi with a begging bowl. “We exposed this snooty design in the national capital with our dharna. We know how we can protect our farmers,” he said.

KCR announced that it would soon hold a workshop in Hyderabad, which would be attended by agriculturists, intellectuals and legal experts from across the country to develop a strategy to provide constitutional guarantees for farmers through a newly integrated agricultural policy explain for the whole country.

He claimed that the Center had teamed up to hand over agriculture to the business sector by systematically weakening the sector. “It has refused to link agricultural labor to MGNREGA; it has increased the prices of fertilizers; it has forced farmers to set meters at their agricultural pumps; and it has refused the legal status to the MSP,” he said.

The prime minister explained how the center was adamant about refusing to purchase paddy and raw rice from Telangana. “It has forgotten its obligation to implement the Food Safety Act. “They have to tell us clearly that they do not want to buy a paddy and accept their inefficiency,” he said.

KCR claimed that the BJP was leading the country to a disaster. “It has destroyed the country with its policy of religious fundamentalism. The economy has collapsed; health care sector is in shambles; industries are closing down; unemployment is skyrocketing; people are being taxed heavily and the prices of essential goods are skyrocketing,” he said. .

The TRS chief warned that India was being isolated internationally with the common policies of the BJP. “When there are elections, the BJP sets up emotional issues like Pulwama attack to collect votes. In states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, there were cases of stoning on the occasion of Ram Navmi. In Karnataka, that is considered “like Silicon Valley of India, there have been six types of bans like hijab, halal etc; just for common polarization of voters,” he said.

If such a situation persisted, several countries would kick out Indians. “Who will invest in India? What will happen to the employees in industry and IT sector all over the world? What will happen to our youth and intellectuals? The country will lose a century because of this common policy of the BJP and it will take 100 years to restore our glory, “he warned.

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