Children enjoy the sights during the nature walk of the camp | In Today’s Daily Sun | The Villages Daily Sun.

The wildlife was out and about Monday on Hogeye Preserve Pathway.

“We’ve seen an alligator and a fish being eaten,” said Andy Shpur, recreation manager at Water Lily. “We already call it a success.”

An eel roamed around the pond with a fish stuck in its mouth and stole the show early when Camp Villages organized its annual nature walk for children ages 5-12 in Hogeye.

Sandra Adams, from Pine Hills Village, saw her granddaughter, Ella, 9, grab her grandmother’s phone and began taking pictures of the many sights of nature at Hogeye. Ella’s favorite part about the walk was taking pictures.

“I took a picture of a crane, palm trees and also a bird flying,” said Ella, who was visiting from Illinois. “I saw a crane with a red thing that I had never seen before.”

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