Chaotic collision with dirt bike riders captured on video in Dorchester – Boston 25 News

Dorchester, Mass. – Two people recovered with non-life-threatening injuries after a galactic collision with people on dirt bikes.

The wild scene was videotaped Saturday night at 7pm on Gallivan Boulevard and Granite Avenue in Dorchester.

Police told Boston 25 News that the people on dirt bikes were seen weaving in and out of traffic and throwing rocks at a red Honda.

Witnesses told Boston 25 News that the Honda pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot and then accelerated toward the people on dirt bikes.

Mobile video taken by customers in Lucy’s Tavern across the street shows the car hit one person and struck by a metal gate.

“There was no doubt. He pulled right in and plowed right into them,” said one witness who only wants to be identified as “G”.

G walked down Gallivan Boulevard with his 6 and 8-year-old daughters to get ice cream at McDonalds when it happened.

The Dorchester father told Boston 25 News that he saw things escalate rapidly with his two little girls by his side.

“I just grabbed my kids and held them close. I did not know what would happen,” he said. “That person could have killed that man with the car.”

The video shows one of the dirt bike riders hitting the car and then throwing another stone at the accident.

Another is seen slamming the passenger door open and moaning over the person in the passenger seat.

The driver got out of the car and tried to fight back, but soon found himself surrounded.

“After the driver ran over, they had no one else to raise their anger. The passenger suffered the brunt of the violence,” G. explained.

Both the passenger and the driver were brought to the hospital with injuries sustained during the physical struggle.

The dirt bike riders disappeared from the scene before police arrived, and investigators are still working to identify them.

“This is not the first time people have thrown things at cars,” G. said. “There was a lady with a baby last week, and someone broke her window.”

G, who lives nearby, said he had seen a recent regarding pattern of recklessness involving people on dirty bikes, mopeds and scooters on the busy stretch of road.

“I can hear people screaming from my window. People are jumping out of their cars,” he added. “It feels like it’s escalating.”

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