Gulshan Grover: I’m only an entertainer, not an activist | Bollywood

Gulshan Grover has been in the film business for four decades, and he loves his job. And he wants to focus only on it, instead of trying to change things whether in industry or society.

He says: “The Hindi film industry is an entertainment company, we are called entertainers, that is our basic introduction, and the category we belong to. The confusion started to happen when we changed society, revolutionaries, over we are Entertainers, are we samaj sudharaks, activists, what are we? That change has happened in recent years.Some people do that very well, they have the capacity, an opinion about things.They want the society and things around them get better. God bless them if they can. “

The 62-year-old, who was recently spotted in Sooryavanshi (2021) and the second season of the web show Your Honor, further says he is not one of them, and just an entertainer. “I work in different media, different types of films. I worked in a filmI’m Kalam, that was on education. But I’m not an activist, I can not go and stop all the children to work, I can not provide funds for every child to get an education. It’s the work of some people. That’s the only thing that’s changed over the years – now of entertainer, we’ve acquired some qualities and come to this conclusion – are we still entertainers, or are we trying to change society? ”, The actor asks him.

He’s sure he only wants the tag ‘entertainer’ for himself, because in his own words he does not have the aptitude, ability or talent to be anything else. Grover says, “I can not even change things in my own house, in my building, how can I change things (anywhere else). Every person has different qualities, which I unfortunately do not have. I have a knack for acting and entertaining. “I’m glad I’m that and not anything else.”

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