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Use This Popular Amazon D.I.Y. Lash Extension Kit for Easy Application

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I can’t be anymore serious when I say that I have tried every single kind of false lash and glue on the market. Hoping. PRAYING!! That I could find something that would help me cross over to the world of falsies and it goes without saying FAIL. So I ordered the magnetic lashes TikTok was raving about. How could I screw that up? Paint on the magnetic eyeliner and put em on. NOPE. FAIL! So needless to say even though I lied to myself and said I was giving up I saw these and said “TAKE MY MONEY!” Pretty much knew they wouldn’t work. Waited until I was relaxed and prepared to fail. What?!?! I did it?! No flipping way. Sure I got them on without saying one curse word in under 10 minutes but I’m sure they aren’t going to stay on. I’ll go out wearing them and end up looking like a hot mess without knowing it within an hour. NOPE! These puppies held on like a toxic relationship ANNND- I fell asleep in them. Woke up looking like a hot mess. But with lashes that were still fresh af.”

“These lashes are amazing! I love extensions but hate the maintenance and price. These took 5 min to apply. As per some other reviews that the sealer leaves a white residue, that is false, they’re probably using a lot of it. Also, here’s a tip when applying the bond, only use a little it goes a long way, I’d recommend not applying it like it’s mascara; instead try applying it more towards the lash line (underneath) and try doing small areas at a time because when you blink for whatever reason ( like looking down to grab a lash from the pack) your lashes will stick to the bottom lashes. So apply bond in small areas at a time.
And apply a small amount of the sealer and you will not get the white residue leftover.”

“I have tried sooo many types of lashes and never kept a pair on longer than 4 hours before they totally drove me nutz. These are great, flawless application and they feel so light and not uncomfortable at all. They don’t make my eyes water or itch. I do recommend putting the bond on the outer half of your natural lashes and attaching two or three wisps and then apply bond to your inner eye lashes. I wasn’t quick enough to get them all on before the inner glue started to dry out. I only needed 4 of the 5 wisps per eye and to be honest, there isn’t even need for mascara, they look beautifully natural and you don’t need to clean any mascara off of them. I am totally hooked on these. They are incredible, and Ive never said that about false eyelashes, ever! Proof is in the picture!”

“I am a false lash moron. No matter how hard I tried or how much I practiced I could never get the darned things on. I tried the magnetic ones. No dice. The “easy on” lashes. Nope. I just. Couldn’t. Do it. Then I bought these. I saw them on YouTube and figured I’d give falsies one last try. And I’m really glad I did.

They’re pretty simple. You brush the “bond” on to your own lashes with a little mascara type wand, tuck the little wispies of false lash UNDER your own lashes, then brush on the clear “seal”. That’s it. And it worked.

I’m still in shock. OK, so the first time I used them I had a little trouble. I got the black “bond” on my fingers and it took 2 tries to get the first false on, but I did it. They stayed on too.”

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