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The Super Tease of The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 is Here

The Real Housewives of Dubai The cast returns for a dramatic second season as existing friendships face challenges, some may end, and new connections emerge.

On Thursday, Bravo released the season 2 supertease trailer, which shows the ladies juggling new dynamics within their group while juggling demanding family lives and thriving businesses. As alliances shift, the women begin to question their loyalties, causing some friendships to disappear.

As previously announced, the second season cast includes returning housewives Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan And Caroline Stanbury, with new housewife Taleen Marie joining the ladies. Saba Yussouf will appear as a “friend of the cast.”

Chanel Ayan on Real Housewives of Dubai – Bravo

The trailer begins with Chanel telling someone, “Say how you feel to someone’s face,” while Sara and Caroline Stanbury tell each other to “shut up” over dinner.

When Chanel introduces her new cosmetics line, Ayan Beauty, she puts aside her previous conflicts with former rival Caroline Stanbury and forms a new alliance. But the closer the two get, the more uneasy Chanel’s best friend Lesa becomes about their budding friendship.

Cast of Real Housewives of Dubai – Bravo

Lesa faces pressure at home and at work as she juggles her children’s busy schedule with the manager of her maternity ward, Mina Roe. As she turns to Chanel for support, Lesa begins to sense that their friendship may not be as stable as she once believed.

The continuation of the first season shows Caroline Stanbury and her husband Sergio discussing the possibility of having a child and seeing a fertility specialist. Caroline asks Sergio if not having a child would be a deal breaker for him. Sergio replies, “I want a baby.”

Taleen Marie joins the group through her long-standing friendship with Caroline Brooks. When she unexpectedly forms a bond with Caroline Stanbury, Taleen’s loyalty to Caroline Brooks is tested.

Meanwhile, Sara brings a new romantic interest with her from Germany, but the distance between them could pose major obstacles.

Cast of Real Housewives of Dubai – Bravo

Last January, Nina Ali announced that She withdrew from the series and cited “new challenges” in her life as the reason for leaving the show. The Lebanon-born, Texas-raised lifestyle content creator, who has lived in Dubai for more than a decade, featured her life alongside her husband Munaf and their three children in the series.

“It was an honor to be part of the debut season of The Real Housewives of Dubai, and to help @bravotv bring this beloved franchise to the city I call home. “I am grateful to the network, Andy Cohen, and the team at Truly Original for welcoming me into this extended family and embracing the diversity of riches that Dubai has to offer,” Ali wrote in an Instagram post. “2023 has already brought many.” In my own way, it is exciting possibilities, including a budding new business, a new home and new adventures. Therefore, I will be turning my attention away from the show for now to give myself the space to focus on new challenges.

“I wish my fellow housewives all the best for the future. I will cheer you on! ♥️💫,” she added.

Ali was greeted with well wishes in the comments from her Bravo family, including Brooks, who wrote, “If I try to put into words how much I love and care for you, it will take a lifetime.” My Ninzzzzz ♥️,” and Bravo, This showed his support for the TV personality by leaving a red heart emoji.

Ali, a founding cast member of the series, spoke to ET about it ahead of the season 1 premiere what the United Arab Emirates thinks of Real Housewives Franchise.

“This is a first in the region,” Ali said in May 2023. “So I think a lot of people know — the ones who know.” housewives I understand it, and those who don’t understand it have the misunderstanding that the Housewives of Dubai This literally means housewives sit at home, iron and cook and go down the road to Waitrose, but that is not the case.

She continued: “I think that’s where there’s some misunderstanding because here they see six very successful women on their screen and they say, ‘That’s not a housewife, I know she has a business and I know it.’ ‘ The.’ So I think a lot of people will actually be surprised when they finally see the show and realize, ‘Guys, we’re not literally Housewives.'”

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 premieres Sunday, June 2 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Then, starting Tuesday, June 11, the series will move to its regular time slot of Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes will stream the next day on Peacock.


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