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How Tether Will DEPEG From The Dollar And COLLAPSE | by Pantera | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

The Final Chapter And The Eventual Demise Of $USDT In recent years, centralized stablecoin Tether — USDT evolved into a dominant force in cryptocurrency trading volumes. Exchanges relied on USDT and allowed it to grow in influence and achieve a phenomenal 80 Billion dollar market cap at its peak. Source link

Another depeg — Acala trace report reveals 3B aUSD erroneously minted

High-profile security incidents continue to be a theme in 2022 as the Acala Network joined a long list of stricken platforms to fall prey to exploits. Acala’s aUSD token, which acts as the native stablecoin for the Polkadot and Kusama blockchains, saw its value plummet 99% after a misconfiguration of the iBTC/aUSD liquidity pool was … Read more