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A knife-edge election in Fiji sees power shift – and a chance to bring back real democracy

When the final election results were announced around 4pm on Sunday, many Fijians, at home and around the world, breathed a collective sigh of relief: the government of coup-maker Frank Bainimarama looked like it had finally been defeated at the ballot box. Could it be that the militarised political culture, pervasive in Fiji since the … Read more

Tunisians vote for parliament amid economic, democracy vows

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisians are voting to elect a new parliament on Saturday, to the backdrop of a soaring cost-of-living crisis and concerns of democracy backsliding in the North African country — the cradle of Arab Spring protests a decade ago. Opposition parties — including the Salvation Front coalition that the popular Ennahda party … Read more

How Libya’s petroleum sector is taking a tough route to democracy.

Before 2010, Libya had one of the best economies in Africa. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2008 was $86,804 million. That figure ranked it in the 64th position in terms of GDP among the 196 countries published by Country Economy. The absolute value of GDP in Libya rose by $18,593 million compared to the … Read more

Democracy and inequality

Introduction A key challenge to democracies in Asia is persistent or rising inequality. The diversity of cases in Asia — characterized by varying levels of economic and political performance — indicates, at best, a complicated relationship between inequality and democracy. To help address this issue, four scholars examine inequality and democratic governance in the Philippines, … Read more

Democracy remains vulnerable despite a good year

PARIS, Dec 12 (Reuters Breakingviews) – Aristotle said there are three good forms of government – monarchy, aristocracy and constitutional democracy – in which the rulers act for the common benefit. And there are three bad forms of government where rulers act for themselves: tyranny, oligarchy and demagogy. The ancient Greek philosopher argued the latter … Read more

Shareholder Democracy Doesn’t Work. Here’s How It Can.

Comment on this story Comment The ambitious idea that companies can be run like democracies, with widely dispersed shareholders exerting influence over management, has long failed in practice. Many people own shares, but very few bother to vote at company meetings — in part because they have other concerns, in part because systems of corporate … Read more

The deranged Supreme Court case that threatens US democracy, Moore v. Harper

The opening brief in Moore v. Harper, an extraordinarily high-stakes election case that the Supreme Court will hear December 7, is one of the least persuasive documents that I’ve ever read in any context. And I’ve read both Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal. Moore is also potentially the biggest … Read more

india: Times Now 2022 Summit celebrates India’s democracy, economic potential

Times Now Summit 2022, one of India‘s premier thought leadership events, will be held in New Delhi on Thursday and Friday. The theme of the event is India: Vibrant Democracy. Global Bright Spot. The summit will address the strategic, geopolitical and economic potential of the nation over two days and will feature over 25 dynamic … Read more

Election Day was a win for truth, democracy and opportunity | Jill Sunday Bartoli

By Jill Sunday Bartoli Billions of dollars were recently spent on negative political ads telling citizens to be afraid of crime and the economic crisis, and to blame the Biden administration for both. My faith is restored in the American people who saw through the lies and defended truth with their votes. The economic crisis … Read more