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Melanie Lynskey Reflects on Brittany Murphy’s “Heartbreaking” Life

“It’s such a struggle, always. I feel like I have two voices in my head,” Lynskey revealed. “One of them is coming from my heart and my soul and what I know is right, and it’s telling me, ‘You’re perfectly fine.’ And then the other voice is just this little voice that’s always been there that’s like, ‘What are you thinking? Thinking your body’s OK. It’s not OK. You have to change it, like, What are you thinking, doing a love scene? What are you thinking, being one of the leads of a show?'”

However, Lynskey finds support in her husband Jason Ritter and is working on being kinder to herself.

“It’s a struggle within myself to just say, ‘I feel beautiful.’ My husband thinks I’m beautiful,” she said. “And also we look like the majority of women in the world. We’re healthy, you know? I think there’s this weird shaming of anybody who’s not, like, a size 2, and I’m just over it.”

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