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Your calling defines your role in combat in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Everything from your skills to the weapons and armor you can use is tied to this class. You can only choose from a handful at the start of the game, but later you can easily change professions and unlock more than twice as many new options than you have at the start. It can take a while to really get a feel for a profession and how it performs in combat, and to look at all of its skills and upgrades, before you know if it’s worth sticking with to level up. Personal preference will play a role to some extent, but these professions have the greatest potential to make you the strongest Awakened in history.
The best professions in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can choose from 4 professions at the start of Dragon’s Dogma 2, but by the end of the game you’ll have a total of 10 if you unlock them all. New professions are unlocked by completing quests, but are hard to miss. Four professions – the Magical Archer, the Mystic Spearhand, the Trickster and the Warmonger – can only be used by your character and not by any peasants.
There’s little downside to being a jack of all trades in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and that’s exactly what the Warfarer is. This is the only profession that can use any weapon in the game AND learn any skill from other professions. This is the only calling that allows you to truly build any class you want and gives you the ability to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. The biggest downside to this class is that it has the lowest base stats, but that’s a small price to pay for how versatile you can be.
Mystical spear hand
Hybrid professions are all pretty powerful, but we’ve put Mystic Spearhand at the forefront. This class transforms you into a fighter who can use magic to deal insane damage. The two almost overpowering abilities you get here are the ability to slow enemies for a short time and create a magical imitation that doubles all of your actions. It’s good for both crowd control and large single target use, but takes a while to unlock and lacks range.
If you’re going to be a real hand-to-hand fighter, you might as well hit with the biggest weapon you can, right? The warrior wields swords big enough to make Guts blush and is a full-fledged tank. In this profession you won’t be doing anything special except charging up and swinging as hard as you can. The obvious downside is that any flying or ranged enemy will counter you. So bring some minions of these classes to cover your bases.
Those who consider themselves to be pure magicians prefer to stick with the magician rather than the actual magician vocation. While the mage focuses more on healing, it is the wizard who gets the best attack spells you want to cast. If you have a second caster with you, you can even sync them, reducing your casting time. If not, you’ll need some tanking to absorb aggro while dealing with somewhat long cast times and low overall health.
As far as starting professions go, we think Thief is the most fun and useful one in the entire game. This is a light and fast build that focuses on critical hits and the ability to climb and grapple onto large beasts. Once you’re on, you’ll have a number of great abilities that allow you to stagger and knock down an enemy so the rest of your squad can gang up on them. Just don’t let anyone beat you because you’re one of the softer professions.

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