ENS Tutorial Part II-Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up NFT Avatar | by TheCryptoKK | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022 - Rvpg media

ENS Tutorial Part II-Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up NFT Avatar | by TheCryptoKK | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

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My last tutorial

walked you through step by step how to register an ENS domain name. And today’s article will give you a clear picture of how to manage your ENS name and set up an NFT Avatar.

Enter into https://app.ens.domains/, connect to your wallet and choose to manage your domains.

  • Registrant: The owner of a registration. The registrant may transfer the registration, set the Controller, and reclaim ownership of the name in the registry if required.
  • Controller: The account that may edit the records of a name. The Controller may be changed by the Registrant or Controller.
  • Expiration Date: When your renewal fee is due and you can pay it here as well. You can set a reminder on your email by clicking “remind me”.
  • Resolver: A contract that maps from name to the resource (e.g., cryptocurrency addresses, content hash, etc).

You may set ADDRESSES, CONTENT and TEXT RECORD, click on “ADD/EDIT RECORD” to set the resolver.

  • ADDRESSES: Enter the Ethereum name or address which you have already registered. And you can also add other addresses such as $BTC,$ LTC and $DOGE.
  • CONTENT: You can put an IPFS, BZZ or Tor content hash which when going to your domain in a web browser will pull up your website. If you would like to learn detailed instructions, please leave a comment to let me know.
  • TEXT RECORD: This allows ENS name holders to associate e-mail addresses, Discord, Twitter and Telegram address with an ENS name.

You may follow the official instructions: https://docs.ens.domains/ens-improvement-proposals/ensip-5-text-records

Here I share with you two approaches to setting up NFT Avatar.

[Approach I]

Go to app.ens.domains and search for your ENS name to get to its records page. Find “Avatar” section and fill it in this format:

eip155:1/[NFT standard]:[contract address for NFT collection]/[token ID or the number it is in the collection]

You can find NFT standard, contract address and token ID in the “Details” section of your NFT on OpenSea.

Here the contract address is not complete. Clicking the blue text will take you to its Wtherscan page which shows you the full contract address.

Note: All upper cases should be entered as lower case and there should be no hypen, otherwise it won’t work. For example, OpenSea may show the standard as “ERC-721”, enter it as “erc721’’.

Enter that into the avatar field, then scroll down and click “Confirm”. You will be prompted to approve a transaction. Once that transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your avatar is set!

[Try It Out]

  • ENS Manager App: Refresh the page, and you will see your avatar on the left-hand side.
  • OpenSea: Refresh the page until your NFT avatar shows up as the background image of your ENS name.
  • Uniswap: Collect your wallet and wait for a few seconds then your ENS name and avatar will show up.

[Approach II]

An easier way is to use https://www.enspfp.xyz/#/.

  • Step 1: Enter Your ENS Name
  • Step 2: Enter NFT OpenSea URL

Go to OpenSea, choose a NFT and copy and paste the URL of the chosen NFT.

  • Step 4: Preview ENS Avatar
  • Step 5: Create Transaction

Metamask will pop up to run a transaction. And here you are done!

According to the official documentation of ENS DAO, it is launching a project to include a generative PFP builder into the platform, which aims to provide ENS users with a unique PFP with randomized traits, conceptually similar to modern NFT collections.

Users will have the ability to select this PFP generator as an alternative to manually populating the ENS record avatar field. The randomized avatar will be a derivative of the ENS name. Each ENS name will always resolve to the same single permutation of the avatar regardless of ownership transfers.

PFP+ENS might become a new trend of NFT which I am looking forward to.

Keep Informed

ENS App [Get your ENS name]: https://app.ens.domains/

ENS Vision [Discover ENS market trade]: https://www.ens.vision/

ENS Discussion forum [Keep informed]: https://discuss.ens.domains/

ENS Discord [Join community]: https://chat.ens.domains/

ENS Documentation [Read doc]: https://docs.ens.domains/

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