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Breaking Down FBoy Island’s Shocking Season 2 Finale Twist

F-Boy? F-Bye. F-Girl? F-Hi!

FBoy Island‘s second season came to a shocking conclusion on Aug. 4, with the HBO Max reality dating series delivering yet another twist that had us scrapping the remnants of our jaws off the floor. Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed with more caution than an F-Boy entering Limbro!

After courting controversy in its first season for taking the prize money away from winner and self-proclaimed F-Boy Garrett Morosky, FBoy Island‘s creator Elan Gale decided to introduce a new wrinkle in season two’s final episode: The three leads had the option to keep all the money for themselves and leave the show single. 

So, Mia Jones and Louise Barnard each decided to take risks and pick F-Boys, with Peter Park and Mercedes Knox proving to have reformed when they both chose to split the money. But Tamaris Sepulveda revealed herself to be the show’s first F-Girl when she chose the $100,000 over continuing her relationship with nice guys Casey Johnson and Niko Pilalis

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