I make almost $ 10K a month by selling my toenail clippings

They say sobriety pays off and that’s for sure for one North Carolina woman who makes $ 10,000 a month by selling her random waste.

Rebecca Blue makes money by selling items such as used bath water, her contraceptive pill, armpit hair, used earbuds and even toenail clippings.

The grumpy 28-year-old costs between $ 98 and $ 356 for her personal junk, telling The Mirror that she doesn’t throw “dirty things” anymore.

“When I’m in the mood for a new wardrobe, I can sell my dirty clothes to get new items,” Blue explains.

“I offer a sales service that brings fun and makes buyers feel comfortable in a safe environment.”

According to Blue, the top three requested items are socks, underwear and tights.

Rebekka Blau
She sells her spit, armpit hair and even toenails online.
Mercury Press & Media / Caters
Rebekka Blau
She makes about $ 10,000 a month.
Mercury Press & Media / Caters
Rebekka Blau
She refuses to throw anything away in case she can earn money from it.
Mercury Press & Media / Caters

“I normally sell them after I wear them for $ 50,” she explained. “I pay more for the unique and strange applications like tongue scrapes, bath water and cotton buds with earwax on.”

The cunning entrepreneur added that she sells the “experience” instead of just tangible goods.

Other waste with which she has earned money is spit, tongue scrape and chew food.

“I basically make money from everything that is attached to my body,” she explained.

Blue told the publication that she is using the money to set up her own animal shelter.

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