Healthbeat: Environmental Health and ‘The Nature of Longevity’

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE / WYOU) , Did you know that tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous? That misunderstanding is called the ‘tomato effect’.

It is a term that is also used when it comes to methods of treatment for certain diseases. Health professionals sometimes overlook proven therapies because the results are inconsistent with their previous training.

An environmental specialist sheds light on the subject and how it applies to the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

“It seems we have not learned much from the tomato effect,” said Douglas Mulhall, environmentalist, author.

Case in point according to environmental specialist and author Douglas Mulhall is what was often accepted treatment for severe peripheral artery disease, such as critical limb ischemia.

“Hundreds of thousands of people undergo amputations every year when the circulation in their feet is cut off because the arteries in their legs are clogged,” Mulhall said.

Millions more face artery bypass surgery.

“And they have to undergo replacement of their arteries: a long and painful and risky operation,” Mulhall explained.

But Mulhall says that what is often rejected or overlooked in health care is a decade, National Institutes of Health funded non-invasive treatment called chelation therapy. It removes harmful metals and minerals from the body with proven results for patients who have severe peripheral artery disease.

“In 40 weeks, her condition was reversed to the extent that she had pink feet where she once had gangrenous lesions on her feet,” Mulhall said.

Mulhall’s latest book, ‘The Nature of Longevity’, focuses on restoring health by focusing on environmental damage done to our bodies instead of standard therapies that only address symptoms and not root problems.

“It’s not the fault of doctors. The problem is that many health care professionals are simply not trained in environmental health and much of this is caused by your own immune system’s own unresponsive response to persistent attacks from your environment,” Mulhall said.

Mulhall points to other examples of the ‘tomato effect’ in his latest book ‘The Nature of Longevity’.

Visit the book’s website to learn more about it, as well as Environmental Health and Treatment Options.

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