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The Press Council of India convened the commission in September 2021 to study the state of media in Jammu and Kashmir

NEW DELHI: Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur told parliament on Thursday that the center did not impose any restrictions on news media in Jammu and Kashmir.

Thakur made the revelation in response to a question posed by Trinamool Congress MP Abir Ranjan Biswas in Rajya Sabha. The West Bengal alderman wanted to know if the government was aware of the recently released Press Council of India’s fact-finding committee (JRC) report on news media in Jammu and Kashmir.

Last month, the commission reportedly found that “news media in the Jammu and Kashmir region, especially in the valley, are slowly being polluted, mainly due to the extensive pavement imposed by the local administration”.

The Press Council of India constituted the commission in September 2021 to study the state of media in J&K. The commission submitted its report on March 8.

When asked about the number of journalists from Jammu and Kashmir who have reported harassment by the authorities since 2017, Thakur informed, “The Ministry of Home Affairs has informed that there have been no cases of harassment since 2017 for media personnel by the authorities. ”

He added that law enforcement agencies, however, take action against any person, without any discrimination of profession or otherwise, who is found to be involved in any activity that threatens the security and sovereignty of the country.

The JRC report also stated that there is a long list of journalists who are individually harassed. “The goal is to create fear and intimidation to invade the government line,” the report said.

Thakur denied the findings saying that the work of public relations in many government offices was taken over by the police.

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