Myth-busting: The COVID-19 vaccination

Myth: “The vaccine might not protect against future variants”

Hosking says: “It’s true that it might not, but we have seen some pretty good performance now from a lot of the vaccines against the variants, such as Delta and Omicron, that have come out after the vaccine had been developed. We can assume that this will likely continue to happen, but we do need to keep testing it.”

Myth: “Children don’t need to get vaccinated since they don’t get very sick with COVID-19″

Hosking says: “While this is true on average, some children can get very sick from COVID-19. And if they’re vaccinated, they’re less likely to contract it and pass it on to other people who are likely to get very sick from COVID-19. Also, if you [their parent or caregiver] are not vaccinated, then you could contract it from them.”

Myth: “With more than 90 percent of the Australian population fully vaccinated, I don’t need to worry.”

Hosking says: “You can still get COVID-19 after getting vaccinated, so these 90 percent of people could still give you COVID-19. So not getting vaccinated could leave you very vulnerable.”

Myth: “I’m fit and healthy, so I’ll be able to fight the virus.”

Hosking: “It’s true that regular exercise and a balanced diet is linked to better immunity, but it doesn’t offer the protection that a vaccination offers you. There are plenty of anecdotal cases of people who are otherwise fit and healthy becoming very ill with COVID-19. I think that if you want to remain fit and healthy, then there’s one super easy thing that you can do – that is to get vaccinated.”

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