Late night does not feel great about Omicron

“Following the news about the Omicron variant, the CDC now says that all adults should get a booster shot. At the moment, Instagram is like, ‘Incoming booster selfies in three, two, one’s.” – JIMMY FALLON

“And now for the bad news: Omicron seems to be evading vaccines. It’s a scientific phenomenon known as Aaron Rodgers. – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Well, guys, Pfizer and Moderna both say they’re already working on faxes for the Omicron variant, while Johnson & Johnson encourage them.” – JIMMY FALLON

“Yeah, Johnson & Johnson is like, ‘Guys, I thought we’d promised not to do any faxes this year – why would you embarrass me?’ – JIMMY FALLON

“How did they start working on this so quickly? It’s like when a team wins the Super Bowl, and the first ad is, ‘Buy your Buccaneers championship hat now!'” – JIMMY FALLON

“And even if we need a new vaccine for this new variant, it’s not a big deal, okay, people? I see people being online like, ‘We’re gonna get a new shot every year?’ Yes, you know what? Maybe in order not to die you have to take 15 minutes out of your year.What, is your life so busy that there is no time for it? I guarantee you, at some point in the next year, you will go through a CVS Unless you live in the desert – it’s going to be like a five minute walk to a CVS. – TREVOR NOAH

Jimmy Kimmel defended Dr. Fauci in his Tuesday night monologue.

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