Battlegrounds Mobile India will not allow Facebook sign-ups without an app from November 5th

Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced that sign-ups with Facebook accounts will be disabled from November 5, unless you also use the Facebook app. The change is currently only implemented on Android phones. The game claims that the change is a result of a policy update in the new Facebook SDK.

Publisher Krafton also posted a new announcement regarding the change on its website, stating that post Nov. 5 “logins will be disabled unless the Facebook app is installed on your device.”

The change was announced a few months ago, but an exact date of implementation has not been announced to date.

Why the change is needed

Facebook’s new SDK (software development kit) prevents third-party apps from logging in to their accounts via the built-in Android browser (which is the small login window that pops up when you select the “Sign in with Facebook” option on an app, without the dedicated Facebook app installed).

With the new change, the Facebook Android application will indirectly become a required requirement to sign in, if your Battlegrounds Mobile India account is linked to your Facebook account. If your Battlegrounds Mobile India account is linked to your Google Play or Twitter account, this change will not affect you.

What can I do if I use Facebook to sign in to my BGMI account?

To continue playing Battlegrounds Mobile India with your Facebook account, all players must install the dedicated Facebook app if they do not already have one. Once the app is installed, Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow players to log in to Facebook via a pop-up.

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