Zignaly Trader Profile — Issue #1 | by Ahmed | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022 - Rvpg media

Zignaly Trader Profile — Issue #1 | by Ahmed | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

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Lately, I have been tweeting about some of the traders on Zignaly & thought that their return profiles are absolutely insane.

As I am always on the hunt for new content here on Medium to help you hop on the social investment revolution with Zignaly, I decided to make this a regular feature.

From now on, expect a post that covers one of the top and/or exciting traders at Zignaly at least once a month. We will try & keep it simple by talking about their Return Profile, Strategy & Performance Attribution.

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WD Gann is an anonymous trader on the Zignaly marketplace and caught my eye for his impressive returns (more on that in a minute). He primarily trades USDT futures on Binance & Zignaly users have the option of co-investing with him for a success-based fee. He runs two profit-sharing services titled WD Gann 1 & WD Gann 2. It is the latter that caught my eye and will be the subject of our review:

Return Profile

There you go. As of the 1st of the time of writing, this trader had generated a whopping return of 475.27% over the past 90 days. That is an APR of 1,711% after accounting for the fairly low success fee.

To put it in another way, had you invested $1 with him 90 days ago, your account balance after paying him his 10% would be $427.7!

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Well WD Gann 2 does not tell us much about his exact strategy but we understand from his profile that he is a Gann student and has, using empirical data and the teachings of Gann, developed an algorithmic trading model. This model gives him signals to go long or short and when to wind up positions. The Gann technique itself, in my humble opinion, seems hearsay (astrology and ancient mathematics) but whatever it is, this bloke has it figured.

Last 5 Trades

One thing that I liked about this trader was the simplicity. He only opens one position at a time which allows for disconnection if an investor wishes to do so (bear in mind that with the Profit Sharing 2.0 upgrade, this won’t be a problem). Also, the fairly low success fee mystery is that the guy is a people’s man. He states on his profile page within the Zignaly marketplace that he will continue to adjust the same depending on the returns (higher returns mean he can live with a smaller percentage). That is super nice of him!

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Performance Attribution

This trader has religiously just traded BTC / USDT futures for the past 90 days on the long and short sides. The markets have been extremely volatile during this time period with a massive drawdown in $BTC price followed by choppy range-bound price action.

Hence, while some part of the return over the past 90 days may have been driven by a general decline in the market, the trader’s strategy in playing the chop has been outstanding.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is no fluke.

I hope you enjoyed this post & that I have motivated you to begin your passive income journey today with Zignaly.

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