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Yes, That Morph Moment in the Finale of X-Men ’97 Meant Exactly What You Thought

This week’s season finale from X Men ’97 brought an emotional, explosive climax to the mutants’ battle against Bastion and the Prime Sentinels – and the X-Men love nothing more in their soap opera drama than a big emotional twist while everything goes crazy. The finale delivered quite a bit in that regard… although, as with many problems with the X-Men, we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

In “Tolerance Is Extinction, Part 3,” as the battle rages on Asteroid M for the -Men interrupted Morph watches over it a sedated Wolverine, badly wounded the episode before when Magneto used his powers to rip the adamantium from Logan’s skeleton. Ouch. In his restful sleep, Logan keeps calling for Jean Gray – but it’s Morph who is at his side. Realizing that they may not get another chance as the base collapses around them, Morph mutters to himself, “She can’t say it, but I can…” as they transform into Jean and her form use to add “I love” You, Logan. stay with me.”

To be fair, Morph was not a subtle person about their feelings for Logan this season – we’ve seen them spending a lot of time together, and Morph has been in a constant flirtatious mood with Logan ever since he thought he was eagerly following him into the shower in “Fire Made Flesh” (tricked by a supernatural). Vision of their desires, happens to the best of us) or bring a six-pack of beer and assume the role of Logan’s nemesis Sabretooth to fight late into the night. But just in case you didn’t catch what they wrote down – it’s not entirely clear if Logan caught it either –former showrunner Beau DeMayo After the finale, they expressed on social media that Morph wasn’t trying to calm Logan down as Jean, but that Morph was working up the courage to reveal his own feelings to Logan.

This would make Morph the first explicitly romantic queer character in the series X Men ’97 So far, things may not be looking as rosy as they will end up. Replies to DeMayo’s post confirming the intent behind Morph’s confession said: former showrunner confirmed that Morph may have been chasing a straight man, and that’s never good for queer people. And that’s even before you get to the hot mess of confessing your feelings to someone while wearing the person’s face She I already have feelings for. Hoo boy, Morph, with such dramatic timing you really are a member of the X-Men! Even Morph’s voice actor JP Karliak doesn’t necessarily want that for the character.

“As someone who has consumed a lot of queer media over the years – what coded things we had in the ’90s – I think so many stories have been told about the queer person pining for the straight best friend. Meh!” The the actor told Polygon This week is about potentially preparing Morph to capture feelings that go unrequited. “It seems kind of boring! I find it much more interesting that they love each other as if they were Frodo and Samwise, and that’s great. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. And they can support each other. It causes Morph to vilify Wolverine by turning into Jean Gray, much less because of the “Oh, I’m jealous so I’m going to piss you off about your girlfriend, who I hate” question, and more because of the Question: “Hey, buddy.” ‘I think this is detrimental to you, and I just want to point out that you may need to move on.'”

Whatever DeMayo and X Men ’97It remains to be seen how the creative team planned Morph and Logan’s relationship – before DeMayo left the series, his work on the second season had already been completed. But suffice it to say, poor Morph is in for a hell of a time as he’s thrown through time and has to watch the aftermath of the person he felt feelings for having half his skeleton ripped out of his body, and you know, the entire survivors are another threat to exterminate their entire species and with them the rest of the planet. It’s business as usual for the X-Men.

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