Xscape Talks About LaTocha Scott Filing a Lawsuit Against Her and Her Current Relationship With Her (WATCH) - Latest Global News

Xscape Talks About LaTocha Scott Filing a Lawsuit Against Her and Her Current Relationship With Her (WATCH)

It looks like Xscape remains unfazed by her ongoing drama with the former group member and bandmate La Tocha Scott. During his appearance on “The Breakfast Club” Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Kandi Burruss, And Tamika Scott has cleared up any rumors about her ongoing issues with LaTocha.

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Xscape continues without LaTocha Scott

Xscape’s Tiny Harris, Kandi Burruss and Tamika Scott also appeared on The Breakfast Club SWV members Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble, also known as “Coko” Tamara Johnson-George, And Leanne ‘Lelee’ Lyons, to chat about her upcoming tour, music and the reason for her departure from reality television.

During the interview, Tiny, Kandi and Tamika spoke about the alleged lawsuit LaTocha filed against them. The ladies confirmed that LaTocha has not filed a lawsuit. Instead, she sent a letter to the television producer Mona Scott Young.

Tiny stated that in her opinion the letter and approach were actually a “scare tactic that didn’t work.”

“Right now we don’t really have a personal relationship. We don’t really talk. I don’t even think we have her number. We just keep going, moving. If it comes to us, it comes to us. “We’re just doing our normal, everyday thing, moving around…” Tiny said.

Tamika Scott chooses peace over beef with Sister LaTocha

Tamika Scott also shared her thoughts on the current status of her relationship with her sister LaTocha. The singer stated that life goes on and she feels no guilt.

“If you’re not in the wrong, you don’t feel guilty,” Tamika exclaimed.

In April 2023, The Shade Room reported that LaTocha apologized to her sister Tamika via Instagram Live. The musician detailed allegations that she and her husband Rocky Bivens stole $30,000 in royalties from Tamika, which came to the surface during an episode of Bravo’s “SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B.”

Social media is getting involved in the continuation of the saga between Xscape and LaTocha Scott

The housemates didn’t hesitate to search for Xscape’s statements about LaTocha in the comments section of The Shade Room.

Instagram user @justlo wrote: “If you’re not in the wrong, you don’t feel guilty!!! Heard that.”

While Instagram user @vickiirvin wrote: “The wrong partner/spouse can ruin your career, your husband is a piece of work.”

Instagram user @thekymdudley wrote: “They said they were fully booked, busy and moving on.”

Then Instagram user @nehemiemusic wrote: “I don’t understand where they spoke badly about Latocha, secondly they have the right to talk about it because this is about the group and not personal family matters. This lady and her husband took food off the table and did backdoor deals. That doesn’t take into account what she personally took from her sister.”

Instagram user @baddass_khillz wrote: “I’m glad she finally realized that her sister was always the problem in the group!!”

Instagram user @coco_donatella wrote: “Many of us are Tamika. We want to share love and forgive. but a zebra doesn’t change its stripes.”

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