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Why You Seems To Be Stagnant In Your Crypto Journey: The Changes To Make. | by Emmanuel Uchenna | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

Why You Seem To Be Stagnant In Your Crypto Journey: The Changes To Make.

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“Emmanuel, I don’t understand again, this my crypto journey is just on and off. Today I am buying this coin, the next day I am into NFTs, a month later I have jumped into trading. How do I get focused in this space?”

When I hear questions like this, my next reply is always, do you belong to any crypto or blockchain community? And in most cases the answer is always NO.

The blockchain industry is so vast, with so many areas to specialize. If you are not careful you will be caught in the hype and not achieve anything.

What I have come to understand and appreciate in recent time is the power and benefit of belonging to a blockchain community.

People seems not to understand the power of belonging to a community of like minds. They tends to undermine what they could achieve having likes mind around. In fact, this is not limited to crypto alone. No matter your area of specialization, having access to to a viable community helps you to remain focused and be updated with happenings in that niche.

What Is A Blockchain Community?

Note that we are not talking about your village community, lol. The community here is a social group of any size, comprising of people that share the same interest. In Blockchain, it refers to a group where members share ideas and interest about blockchain and its opportunities.

Because blockchain and crypto are digital, most of these communities are usually present on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Reedit, Discord, etc. These platform allow community members to interact, network and share ideas. Sometimes, community activities goes offline. Events and meet ups are organized to improve community bonding, networking and launch of a community project.

Benefits Of Belonging To A Blockchain Community

The importance of identifying with a community can not be overemphasized. A blockchain community is essential for both experts, newbies and intermediates. But I will concentrate on the importance to newbies and intermediates, because to be an expert you must have identified with a community in one way or the other. Below are some of the things you stand to gain as a blockchain community member;

  • Belonging to a community of like mind will help you develop trust and a sense of inclusiveness. As a newbie, belonging to a community gives you a sense of belonging that you’re part of something, and a sense of ownership of what the group stands for.
  • Have you wondered why your mentor or people you look up to has a connection of people of likes mind. That is the power of networking. A blockchain community provides you with an avenue to improve your social capital. These are people you will need as you progress in the space.
  • A community provides an avenue for problem solving. The knowledgeable members and community managers will always be available to help the newbies. Problems are brainstormed on and ideas shared.
  • Being in an active blockchain community gives you first hand news in the Blockchain space. In addition, they provide educative contents for your continues consumption, through their AMA sessions, and other community activities.
  • A community will help you to identify a niche easily. You can’t be everywhere in the blockchain industry. The industry is vast, you can choose to go into DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Trading, etc. A community will help you identify these areas, and help you make a choice.
  • Staying Focus, by seeing results of other community members, you will be motivated to stay focused and achieve what ever you set your mind on. In no time, you will accelerate your growth.

What To Do Differently?

Find a viable community and join. Not just any community, look for the ones with proven track record. Look for what the community stands for, what they have achieved in the past and where they are going to. If the community goals aligns with yours, then you can join. As a community member Engage and Participate Actively, that is the only way to get better.

Final Words…

Belonging to a crypto community is a sure way to accelerate your journey in this space. Two head they say is better than one, being in a community gives you the opportunity to meet the best heads. But it is not enough to belong to a community, you must be part of the story and what the community stands for, the more you grow the community, the more the community will grow you.

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