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Why Ashley Iaconetti Believes Trista Sutter is in Special Forces

Ashley Iaconetti and Trista Sutter. Getty Images (2)

Ashley Iaconetti has a theory that her fellow Bachelor Nation alum is Sad Sutter is in the cast of the third season of Special Forces: The Toughest Test in the World.

“I just want to ask: Where is Trista? Because [her husband] Ryan [Sutter]’s Mother’s Day Instagram post was cryptic. Not in a bad way,” emphasized Iaconetti, 36, in the episode of her and Wednesday, May 15th Ben Higgins‘Almost Famous’ podcast.

“She’s been gone for two weeks,” Iaconetti continued. “Seemingly, [former Bachelorette] Ali Fedotovsky is also gone for two weeks, [she] had a very similar post. So is she filming a show? Is it her turn? Special forces? Because I told her she would be perfect for it Special forces.”

The guest of Iaconetti and Higgins, Bob Guineywho was in the first season of The Bachelorette with Trista, 51, in 2003, replied: “Maybe she is, I’m not sure.”

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The “cryptic” post in question came on Sunday, May 12, when Ryan, 49, married Trista in 2003 after meeting her The Bacheloretteshared a message that his wife was separated from their two children: son Maxwell, 16, and daughter Blakesley, 15.

“I know you wish you were here for Mother’s Day. We wish you were too. But sometimes motherhood means letting go, granting independence and stimulating the courageous spirit. “Sometimes it’s necessary to exemplify the qualities you preach – to do rather than say,” he wrote via Instagram alongside a family photo.

Why Ashley Iaconetti thinks Trista Sutter is on 'Special Forces'

Ryan Sutter and Trista Sutter. Disney/James Clark

Ryan added that Trista’s time away from her children would only prove that “their love is not limited by distance, difficulty or time.” He concluded the post: “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. We are proud of you, Mommy Pajamas, for everything you do for us, near and far, Happy Mother’s Day!!!”

“❤️😭❤️,” Trista wrote in the comments section.

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Meanwhile, 39-year-old Fedotowsky shared a screenshot of her FaceTiming husband Kevin Manno and her son Riley, 6, via Instagram on Wednesday.

“I won’t have my phone for a while [and] “This will be by far the longest time I have never spoken to my family,” wrote Fedotowsky, who also shares daughter Molly, 7, with Manno, 40.

She added that she was a “crying girl” after saying goodbye to “my sweet boys.”

Higgins, 35, pointed out on Wednesday that Trista was there Special forces, she has the power to continue Bachelor Nation’s impressive performance on the show. Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown was one of only two players to complete the course in the first season, while Brown’s runner-up, Tyler Cameronformer bachelor Nick Viall and Olympic champion Erin Jackson were the only ones left at the end of the second season.

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“If she wins this damn show, we’re going to have to wonder what on earth The bachelor “When it comes to casting,” he joked. “Because I may be tougher than I ever thought.”

Fox renewed Special forces for a third season earlier this month. The quasi-military training series, which premiered in 2023, challenges participants to complete tasks modeled on the actual U.S. Special Forces selection course. Although there are no formal eliminations, participants may voluntarily withdraw, be withdrawn for medical reasons, or be disqualified for not completing the final step of the course.

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