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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Kelly Clarkson for Sharing Her Experience with Weight Loss Medication

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Whoopi Goldberg is committed to it Kelly Clarkson after The voice The trainer reported on her experiences with a weight loss medication. On Wednesday, May 15, episode of The viewWhoopi, 68, expressed her disappointment that some fans question the reasons behind her decisions.

“Many people take the vaccination because they need it. Some people need a jump start for their body. Some have diabetes. There are many reasons,” Whoopi shared. “Kelly is receiving backlash on this from people who say she previously claimed she was losing weight by walking. She has I ran, but that helped.”

During the May 13 episode of The Kelly Clarkson ShowWhoopi opened up about her personal weight struggles before saying: “I do this wonderful little shot that works for people who need help and it’s been really good for me.”

Kelly, 42, replied: “Mine is different than people assume, but in the end I had to do that too.” …Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic. It is not. It’s different, but it helps break down the sugar.”

From Whoopi’s perspective, some people will never be satisfied with what Kelly says or doesn’t say. “They’re kicking her butt when she’s bigger, they’re kicking her butt when she’s lost weight, and now they’re kicking her butt for saying it out loud,” the Oscar winner shared. “Maybe she felt more comfortable if someone said, ‘I did that.'”

“Let people do what they have to do to get where they need to go,” Whoopi continued, “and stop being angry because they don’t do it your way.”

The view The ladies agreed with Whoopi that people should leave Kelly alone. Sunny Hostin also shared her opinion that strangers have no right to know what other people are doing medically.

“When you feel good, you will feel better mentally,” she said. “There is an epidemic of depression in this country, an epidemic of women shaming women, men shaming men, men shaming women. Everything has to stop. People don’t say to a man, ‘Hey, are you taking Viagra?’ I don’t think the personal health decisions you make should be the subject of discussion.”

The view airs weekdays on ABC The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays on NBC.

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