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Which Chiefs Games Can Taylor Swift Attend in the 2024-2025 Season?

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The 2024-2025 NFL season is still months away, but Us is preparing to watch the Kansas City Chiefs games Taylor Swift will be in attendance to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Of course, nothing is set in stone because Swift is also a busy woman. However, if there is a weekend without Epoch tour date, the singer could be at Arrowhead Stadium (or any other professional football stadium across the country) right now.

After meeting over the summer, Swift and Kelce made their romance public in September 2023 when the singer attended her first Chiefs game. At the time, she was sitting in Kelce’s suite and the budding couple left the game arm in arm.

Over the next few months, Swift attended various Chiefs games – 13 in total (her lucky number), including Super Bowl LVIII. (The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22.)

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

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But how many Chiefs games could Swift attend next season? Keep scrolling to see the full schedule:

Week 1: September 5 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Swift doesn’t actually have one Epoch tour Appointments this week. According to football fans on TikTok, this will be one of the Chiefs’ biggest games and it’s “no coincidence” that these were scheduled while Swift is off.

Week 2: September 15 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs 2024-2025 Schedule Breakdown: How many games can Taylor Swift play in?
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Likewise, this game is a big deal for Chiefs Kingdom and while Swift doesn’t have any tour dates planned yet, it’s possible she will be there.

Week 3: September 22nd at Atlanta Falcons

The Chiefs’ first road game of the season is in Atlanta, and since Swift, as previously mentioned, has the entire month of September off, it’s possible she’ll take her rightful throne in Kelce’s box.

Week 4: September 29 at Los Angeles Chargers

There’s a Chiefs football game in Los Angeles the last week of September, and since Swift actually has a residence in the City of Angels, you might see her at the game.

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Week 5: October 7 vs. New Orleans Saints

Swift actually doesn’t start them Epoch tour until later this month, so there’s a high chance she’ll show up for that game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Week 6: Chiefs Bye Week

As the Chiefs take a break and Swift prepares to return to her Epoch tour Later this week, she reveals that she and Kelce may appear together – but maybe not at a football game.

Week 7: October 20 at San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs 2024-2025 Schedule Breakdown: How many games can Taylor Swift play in?
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Unfortunately, Swift will be performing across the country in Miami, Florida, so there won’t be a game for her.

Week 8: October 27 at Las Vegas Raiders

Swift will take the stage in New Orleans this weekend, which means she’ll have to miss her husband’s game.

Week 9: November 4 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The US leg of the Epoch tour wraps up this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, but Swift doesn’t have a specific show planned for that date. The singer has quickly traveled from city to city before, so who can say what will happen?

Week 10: November 10 vs. Denver Broncos

Swift will travel to Ontario a few days after the scheduled game, but she may make it to Missouri to support Kelce.

Week 11: November 17 at Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs 2024-2025 Schedule Breakdown: How many games can Taylor Swift play in?
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The Epoch tour The Toronto schedule ends the day before this game. Now, anyone who knows geography knows that this Canadian city is close enough to Buffalo, New York, that she might be in attendance.

Taylor Swift's game day looks like 313

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Week 12: November 24 at Carolina Panthers

Swift will also complete her second weekend in Toronto the day before that game. Another short outing for Swift could mean she’s in the stands.

Week 13: November 29 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The singer has no Epoch tour Dates are being planned so fans can hope to see her in Las Vegas cheering on Kelce and the Chiefs as they take on the Raiders for the second time.

Week 14: December 8 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs 2024-2025 Schedule Breakdown: How many games can Taylor Swift play in?
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This game takes place on the same night that Swift will wrap up the international leg of her Eras Tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, so she definitely won’t be in attendance.

Week 15: December 15 at Cleveland Brown

Since the Epoch tour is officially over, Swift could attend Chiefs games from that point forward. Unless the singer has secret projects in the works, which is also a big possibility.

Week 16: December 21st vs. Houston Texans

Swift might be in Missouri right now for this match.

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Week 17: December 25 at Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs 2024-2025 Schedule Breakdown: How many games can Taylor Swift play in?
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Will Swift’s family appear at the Christmas play for the second year in a row? Pennsylvania is her home state and it is possible that there will be a family affair between Swift and Kelce.

Week 18: January 4th or 5th at the Denver Broncos

The Chiefs will open their new year in Colorado, and yes, Swift might just be there.

From this game on, it’s the NFL postseason – and anything is possible.

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