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We Found a $17 Version of Meghan Markle’s $1,325 Summer Top

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Meghan Markle has many important tasks, but probably the most important is inspiration Us with her fashion sense – if Megan wears it, we want it too! Her outfits are always in tip-top shape, which is further enhanced by the confidence with which she performs. It’s almost like she’s a queen!

During a visit to Nigeria, Meghan wore a classy short-sleeved sweater with white jeans, leather loafers, a camel-colored blazer and sparkling earrings. It was a total Rich Mom ensemble that lent sophisticated yet flirty energy. . . We’re into it! Her entire outfit probably hit a five-figure price tag, especially considering her Loro Piana sweater alone costs $1,325. My goodness!

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We searched and searched (and searched) to find a cheaper version of the look and it was worth it! This top looks almost exactly like Meghan’s, with a bonus: it’s on sale! The material is made from a blend of polyester and elastane, making it stretchy, lightweight and soft. And thanks to the careful knit details, the top feels super soft on the skin!

Just like Meghan’s designer top, this one features a crew neck, camel color, slim fit and thick sleeve hems, but it also has short lantern sleeves that flatter the arms and shoulders. The sleeves reach just above the elbows and therefore appear puffy. It’s the Hamptons vibe you didn’t know your wardrobe needed!

You can wear this top with white jeans or with any pants – jeans, flowy pants, dress pants or even a skirt when it gets a little warmer! The knit pattern goes perfectly with a short white skirt or a long black maxi skirt. And if you have a vacation on the agenda, try wearing this top with loose and flowy beach pants. An ideal balance of quiet luxury, rich mom, Scandi girl and minimalist style – you’ll want to wear it everywhere, from brunch to the office.

The go-with-everything top just launched at the end of March, so you can be one of the trendsetters bringing Meghan’s style to this side of the pond! Oh, and there are four other luxe-looking color options for those who don’t like beige. . . However, we cannot guarantee that you will be confused with Meghan Markle!

Get the Shewin Casual Short Puff Sleeve Crewneck Top for $17 (originally $20) at Amazon!

Not what you’re looking for? Shop some of our other favorite lookalike tops on Amazon:

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