Wayment! Kel Mitchell Details How His Ex-Wife Became Pregnant by Multiple Men During Their Marriage (Video) - Latest Global News

Wayment! Kel Mitchell Details How His Ex-Wife Became Pregnant by Multiple Men During Their Marriage (Video)

Kel Mitchell recently publicly denigrated his ex-wife’s alleged private business!

During an appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” the “Good Burger” star claimed that his ex got pregnant from other men on more than one occasion. In the new interview, Mitchell explained to Shannon Sharpe why he stuck around and how he found out.

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To be clear, the actor has not clarified who his ex-wife is. However, public records indicate that he was officially married to a woman with that name Tyisha Hampton from 1999 to 2005. He married Asia Lee in 2012, and they are still together.

Kel Mitchell Claims Ex-Wife Was Pregnant to Multiple Men During Marriage Club Shay Shay
(LEFT) Kel Mitchell and his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton on July 22, 1999. Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images. (RIGHT) Asia Lee-Mitchell and Mitchell on January 5, 2024. Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kel Mitchell Claims Ex-Wife Was a Serial Cheater

Mitchell said he learned about one of the infidelity-related pregnancies after he and his ex-wife had their own child.

“We had the abortion, but then we had a baby, and at the end she told me that the aborted baby wasn’t mine,” Mitchell claimed.

After this revelation, Kel Mitchell Shannon agreed that his previous marriage was never the same. He added that this all happened “at the beginning” of the union.

Meanwhile, Kel was at the peak of his early acting career in the early 2000s. He had appeared in popular series such as “Kenan & Kel”, “All That”, “Cousin Skeeter” and the film “Good Burger”. Mitchell admits that his busy schedule meant he didn’t have time to truly process his ex-wife’s infidelity.

“It was a lot, there were other times when she got pregnant” Kel Mitchell said, confirming that his ex-wife was pregnant more than once.

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For comparison, Kel has four children: two with his ex-wife Tyisha, named Lyric and Allure, and two with Asia Lee, named Wisdom and Honor.

Actor explains how he found out about his ex-wife’s sneaky links

Mitchell set the scene for Shannon as he explained how he found out about one of the pregnancies. He shared that he “knew what was going on” because his ex-wife “stopped coming home.”

“That was then; “We are praying for them now,” said the trained pastor.

In one situation, Kel Mitchell claimed that his ex was dating one of her friends who visited her at home while he was working a lot. One evening he decided to look for Hampton and eventually spotted her car at a hotel. As he entered the lobby, the same “friend” was walking through the lobby and heading to the car his ex-wife was driving.

Mitchell confronted him and demanded to be taken to the room where his ex was. The man obeyed and Kel said his ex was shocked. Ultimately, he said he saw through the situation and left because he refused to fight for them after everything they had already been through.

But when he got to his car, he went back into the room and said he felt “disrespected.” Eventually the police were called and an officer advised him to get out of the situation. But Mitchell said he stayed and “tried to make it work for the kids.”

Some time later, his ex-wife ended up in the hospital, and while she was there, the doctor told the former couple that she had “lost the baby.” Mitchell said he was sure the baby was not his.

“I didn’t tell my parents or my family what was going on.” he said.

He filed for divorce in 2005 after his ex-wife called him in 2004 and asked to be with another man while he was away from work. At this point, he wanted to hit the reset button after realizing that his marriage had nothing to do with the love story he had imagined.

Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke about finding forgiveness for his wife and how this renewed his trust in God.

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