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Was the 401(k) a Mistake?’ That’s What People on Social Media Think

Was the 401(k) a mistake?’ That’s what people on social media think

A New York Times (NYT) article recently sparked a discussion on Reddit about whether switching from traditional pensions to 401(k) plans was a mistake. The debate captured a range of opinions that reflected the complexities of retirement planning in the United States

The Reddit post highlighted key points from the NYT article, noting that not all companies offer 401(k)s, affecting millions of private sector employees. The post also pointed out that while 401(k)s are widely used, many people don’t invest enough in them. According to the Alliance for Lifetime Income, gaps in the retirement system are becoming apparent as many Americans retire.

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Several users shared their views. Explaining the historical context, one user stated that 401(k) plans began in 1978, after a wave of corporate bankruptcies that led Congress to pass ERISA in 1974 and set standards for retirement benefits. This user opined that because of its voluntary nature, the 401(k) was never intended to be a stand-alone retirement plan, but rather a supplement.

Another user expressed skepticism about 401(k)s, stating, “It’s only a mistake if you invest in it. It was never intended as a retirement plan, it was a way for working-class people to get into the stock market.” They recommended seeking employment with retirement benefits instead.

Recalling the basic concept of 401(k)s, one user noted: “I was told that the original approach to 401(k)s in the 1980s was that it was a three-legged stool. They withdrew a little from a 401(k), a little from the pension and a little from Social Security.”

The conversation also touched on the topic of financial literacy. One commenter argued, “The real problem is not the 401(k), but the people who either don’t know it or don’t have it.”

Discipline to invest and save for the future.”

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Another comment pointed out the disparity between IRA and 401(k) contribution limits and questioned why IRA contributions are significantly lower despite offering similar tax benefits. The user advocated for equalizing contribution limits to allow for more flexibility in retirement planning, suggesting: “Simply increase IRA contribution limits to match 401(k).”

The discussion reflects a broader concern about the appropriateness of 401(k) plans as a primary means of retirement savings and whether they serve the best interests of all American workers, particularly as the retirement and employment landscape continues to evolve.

Regardless of your stance on the 401(k) debate, it is important to consult with a financial advisor to develop a comprehensive retirement strategy tailored to your circumstances and goals. Remember that retirement planning is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and a professional can help you navigate the complexities and make informed decisions.

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