Vladimir Putin Comes to China to Strengthen Close Ties with Xi Jinping - Latest Global News

Vladimir Putin Comes to China to Strengthen Close Ties with Xi Jinping

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Vladimir Putin has arrived in Beijing on a state visit to underscore his close relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and bolster support for Russia’s war economy.

Footage from Chinese state broadcaster CCTV showed Putin’s planes arriving before dawn on Thursday. The Russian president was greeted by a guard of honor before his entourage was escorted into black limousines accompanied by dozens of police on motorcycles.

The visit comes as Russia’s economy has become increasingly dependent on China amid tightening sanctions from the West over the all-out invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

After a huge surge in trade between China and Russia following the outbreak of war, there are signs that Beijing has backed off slightly. China’s exports to its neighbor fell in March and April as the US threatened to target Chinese banks that it claimed were helping to evade sanctions.

Analysts expect Putin to discuss how to circumvent these sanctions during his visit to Beijing, which includes his 43rd meeting with Xi.

China has refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, arguing that its independent relationship with Moscow is its own business. The US accuses Beijing of supporting Putin’s war machine by providing dual-use goods.

China’s relations with the United States are also coming under increasing pressure after President Joe Biden announced high tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, solar cells, semiconductors and other technology products this week.

Ahead of the two-day visit, Putin sought to portray Russia and China as united in their goal of creating a new “multipolar world” and raised the prospect of negotiations with Ukraine that he said would depend on security guarantees.

China’s heads of state and government have barely commented officially on the visit. Analysts said Beijing was focused on stabilizing its key trade markets in the EU and the US and preventing further tariff increases.

As the world’s largest exporter, China’s economy relies heavily on its ability to sell to developed markets, despite the progress the country has made in recent years in diversifying into emerging markets.

Trade with China is becoming a key issue in the US ahead of the presidential election. Biden’s announcement Tuesday that he would impose tariffs on $18 billion in Chinese goods was his most significant trade action with China as president.

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