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UK Tells Schools Not to Teach ‘gender Identity’ and Wants to Enforce New Gender Guidelines: ‘Disturbing Content’

As part of a revamp of sex education, the UK government is telling schools not to teach children concepts of gender theory.

The Department of Education’s guidelines on relationship, sex and health education are being changed to exclude controversial viewpoints and inappropriate content.

“Following multiple reports of the use of distressing material in Relationships, Sex and Health (RSHE) lessons, the Department for Education has published updated guidance to ensure content is factual and appropriate and that children have the ability to be all they are. taught to fully understand,” said a department report released Wednesday.

‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ TREATMENTS do not benefit youth, says pediatricians group: ‘irreversible consequences’

British Department of Education

A view of the Department of Education in Westminster, London. Following the release of the Cass Review, an explosive report that found gross negligence in the health care of children with gender dysphoria, the department issued guidance directing schools not to teach concepts such as “gender identity” or “gender spectrum.”

The new guidelines will limit all sex education classes to students ages 9 and older. It also reinforces the right of parents to remain informed about all materials presented to their children to ensure that they are age appropriate.

Most importantly, the government specifically instructs teachers not to teach “the controversial theory of gender identity” or the idea of ​​a gender “spectrum.”


“In secondary schools, students learn about legally ‘protected’ characteristics such as sexual orientation and gender reassignment, but updated guidance makes clear that schools should not teach about the concept of gender identity,” the report says.

England’s National Health Service bans puberty blockers for children

Trans rights activists take part in a protest against the ban on hormone blockers in London, England.Trans rights activists take part in a protest against the ban on hormone blockers in London, England.

After Dr. After Hilary Cass presented her report into NHS gender identity services for children and young people, the analysis found that most of the research underlying clinical guidelines, hormone treatments and puberty blockers was of low quality and treatments for gender dysphoria were suspended.

“In light of the Cass review, it is important that schools approach teaching on this sensitive topic with caution and not use materials that present controversial views as facts, including the view that gender is a spectrum,” the report continued.

The Cass Review is an independent report commissioned by the National Health Service that documents practices and care for children reporting gender identity disorders.

Named after the main author Dr. Hilary Cass, the inquiry found that medical professionals reported “no guidance, no evidence, no training” on gender disorders and were “afraid” to discuss the topic.

Dr.  Hilary CassDr.  Hilary Cass

The retired pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass speaks about the launch of the Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People (The Cass Review) at PA Media’s west London offices.

“Parents have every right to trust that when they send their children to school they will be safe and not exposed to disturbing content that is inappropriate for their age,” said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “That’s why I was horrified last year when I heard reports of what was happening in our classrooms.”

The guide will be available for public consultation for nine weeks. After that period, it becomes law and school officials must comply.

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