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UAW President Under Investigation for Alleged Retaliation Against Union Leaders | Carscoops

The federal inspector says that he is being denied access to documents, but stresses that the allegations at the moment are nothing more than that.

    UAW president under investigation for alleged retaliation against union leaders

  • UAW President Shawn Fain is currently under investigation by a government-appointed monitor.
  • This monitor indicates that the union is blocking additional requested documents.
  • Fain says he welcomes the investigation.

Shawn Fain, president of the UAW, is under investigation for alleged retaliation against other members of the UAW leadership. In short, the investigation is to find out whether he abused his power as a union leader. So far, at least two main allegations have surfaced. For his part, Fain appears willing to cooperate, but the Observer says the UAW is withholding key documents.

The investigation began in February after the UAW secretary claimed he faced reprisals for not approving certain expenses for Fain’s office. When Fain later fired the head of the union’s Stellantis division, more complaints surfaced claiming that action, too, was retaliatory. Now, all parties involved are being investigated.

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The federal appointment of a monitor followed a major corruption scandal at the UAW that came to light in 2021. So far, there is no hard evidence to support the allegations, but part of it may be because the requested documents were “slowly” forwarded to the monitor’s office.

“The Monitor attempted for months to get the union to cooperate in obtaining the information necessary for a comprehensive investigation, but the union effectively delayed the Monitor’s access to the requested documents,” the court filing states.

Notably, these are just allegations for now. “At this point, it is important to emphasize that the allegations are just allegations,” the document states. “They do not prove anything in and of themselves, and nothing in this report should be construed to draw any conclusions about possible charges of suspected misconduct.” The UAW president seems content to continue on his course for now.

“If we want to move our union in a new direction, sometimes we have to cause disruption. That angers people who want to maintain the status quo. But our members expect and deserve more than the old ‘business as usual,'” Fain said in a statement to the Detroit Free Press.

“We encourage the Monitor to investigate all allegations brought to his office because we know what they will find: a UAW leadership committed to serving members and running a democratic union. We remain focused on winning record contracts, growing our union and fighting for economic and social justice in the workplace and at home.”

All this is happening while the union is making waves across the country, often successfully. While it lost a key union vote at a Mercedes plant in Alabama, it won another at a VW plant in Tennessee. Just before the investigations became public, it also won at an Ultium battery manufacturing plant.

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