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Tyisha Hampton Drags Kel Mitchell in Over 17 Videos After He Makes Pregnancy Claims About His ‘Ex-Wife’

Angry! Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife, Tyisha HamptonHe is NOT feeling his recent comments about his previous marriage. In the last 17 hours, she has released at least 18 videos in response to his interview on Club Shay Shay.

What Kel Mitchell claimed about his “ex-wife.”

Shannon Sharpe sparked the explosive meeting on Wednesday (May 15). As we last told you, the “All That” actor claimed that his “ex-wife” cheated on him multiple times, resulting in at least two pregnancies during their marriage. Additionally, he claimed that his “ex-wife” also cast a spell on him, which required an exorcism.

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Although he has not mentioned Tyisha Hampton by name, she is his only ex-wife listed in public records. Other clues that he may have spoken to Tyisha include mentioning that he had children with this “ex-wife” and had filed for divorce in 2005.

Hampton was Mrs. Mitchell from 1999 to 2005, during which time they had two children named Lyric and Allure. He has been married to Asia Lee since 2012 and they also have two children named Wisdom and Honor.

Ultimately, Kel revealed that he stayed with his ex-wife “like an idiot” because they were trying to “make it work for the kids.”

Tyisha Hampton accuses Kel Mitchell of abusing and abandoning her children

As mentioned, Tyisha doesn’t hold back online about her ex-husband! Since she is his only public ex-wife, with whom he has children, she is behind his allegations on the Internet.

In her first video response, shared on TikTok and Instagram, Hampton laughed at and then denied the multiple pregnancy claim. She also asked if Kel Mitchell could remember incidents such as abandoning her children or his alleged role-playing and quality time with a man.

“…because it wasn’t me,” the ex-wife said. “Who was that? And one more thing: How do you remember all these pregnancies, but you don’t remember your children for about 13, 14 years? And then how do you remember all those pregnancies, but you don’t remember Nick in my life? Cheerleader outfit? How does your memory work exactly?”

She continued, listing incidents involving her children and his alleged abuse of her.

“Do you remember taking your children’s money? Do you remember that you completely physically and mentally abused me? Do you remember how you used to hit me and punch me and choke me and choke me?” claimed Tyisha Hampton.

Additionally, Hampton said Kel was the one who cheated and suggested they sit down together to talk about all of those “memories.”

Check out ALL the alleged teas Tyisha Hampton spilled below!


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In her second video, she discussed Kel Mitchell’s claims. She said that she can now laugh about what she experienced with her ex-husband. The mathematician joked about starting a comedy career like Torrei Hart.

Tyisha also denied that there had ever been an abortion involving another man’s baby. She revealed that she lost her virginity to Kel, soon became pregnant and had their son Lyric when she was 18.

In your opinion, his “calculation” doesn’t work out! Additionally, Hampton accused Kel of trying to exert influence by portraying himself as a victim and her as a “horrible, slutty woman who sleeps around.”

“It’s really interesting to me because he lies about things that are just ridiculous,” Mitchell said, calling her ex-husband a narcissist.

In December 2022, Kel and Tyisha’s daughter Allure said her father was there for her financially when she was 15. For her, however, he only paid “for what… looked good on paper,” such as her first car and school fees. Previously, Allure said her father abandoned her when she was five and disappeared from her life for 10 years.

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Ex-wife continues to drag Kel into Storytime posts

Taking a page from Reesa Teesa’s book, Tyisha Hampton posted her responses on TikTok by sharing several “Storytime” posts. She explained how she met her ex-husband and reiterated that Kel was the cheater in the marriage and that he lied about the abortions.

Keep scrolling to see more clapback videos from Tyisha.


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In a video shared on Instagram, she said his interview could be for “damage control” since they are still in court.

All of Tyisha Hampton’s video clapbacks can be found HERE.

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