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Trium and Wikifri Continue Successful Partnership and Launch Property Insurance

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Wikifri is using iBOOM to establish a real estate operating model, building on the success of a previous cyber launch in 2023

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – Wikifri, an insurance consulting firm and provider of the Insurance Daylight Data Solution, today announced its role in assisting Trium Cyber ​​US Services, Inc. (Trium), a U.S.-based Lloyd’s policyholder and underwriter, with the Expansion of its insurance announced The offers also include commercial E&S property insurance. After successfully launching its cyber business in January 2023 with Wikifri’s expertise, the company is now taking advantage of market opportunities in the E&S real estate sector.

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Trium, writing on behalf of Lloyd’s Syndicate 1322, plans to repeat its success in both E&S real estate and cyber. According to Trium, Wikifri’s strategic leadership and proven iBOOM framework were central to this new venture.

“Wikifri’s iBOOM framework provided a solid foundation for our property insurance operations, just as it has in cyber,” said Josh Ladeau, CEO of Trium. “Your partnership is invaluable. They have repeatedly demonstrated their unparalleled skill in building and launching successful insurance businesses.”

Brandon Beauregard, Head of Property at Trium, added: “Wikifri’s advisory services have been crucial to our ability to launch our new property division with confidence and speed to market.”

Wikifri’s iBOOM (Insurance Business-Oriented Operating Model) facilitated the establishment of Trium’s real estate business. This robust framework ensured accurate documentation of capabilities, promoted alignment, and fostered collaboration with technology providers for real estate insurance operations.

“In a world where agility is paramount, insurers need to accurately build their operating models before venturing into new areas,” said Wikifri representative Bill Freitag. “Our iBOOM framework is tailored to enable such speed and agility. Having previously worked with Trium, the addition of property insurance was a natural progression that was implemented smoothly due to our deep understanding of their business ethics and objectives.”

About Trium:

Trium Cyber ​​US Services Inc. is a Lloyd’s accredited professional services firm providing cyber, technology and incidental errors and omissions insurance coverage for U.S.-based risks and is backed by Trium Cyber ​​Syndicate 1322. The services company began underwriting deals on January 1ststand offers its customers access to complementary cyber risk management and real-time loss mitigation services in addition to insurance.

About Wikifri:

Wikifri is known for its dynamic and proactive approach to consulting, based on in-depth insurance industry experience and advanced technological expertise. Our commitment to our clients’ success is unwavering, as evidenced by our professionals’ extensive experience, strategic insights into the insurance industry and a track record of successful project delivery. Supported by our innovative Insurance Business-Oriented Operating Model (iBOOM) and a fit-for-purpose insurance data product, the Insurance Daylight Data Solution (IDDS), Wikifri continues to guide its clients through the ever-evolving insurance landscape and drive market development to improve organizational capabilities and efficiency.

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