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Travis Kelce Reveals What He Would Do if He Were President

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Travis Kelce has big plans if he were President of the United States for a day – and his answer is not surprising Us.

“I would fly to Hawaii on Air Force One,” Kelce, 34, said in a TikTok video of the team’s recent visit to the White House, shared on Monday, June 10, via the Kansas City Chiefs’ official account.

As his teammate Joshua Williams When asked who Kelce would bring with him on the very important trip, the tight end did not name any names, but said that his entire “squad” was invited. Fans could imagine that his girlfriend, Taylor Swiftand family – including brother Jason Kelcesister in law Kylie Kelce and parents donna And Ed Kelce – could also be shortlisted.

“Hopefully we can all fit in there,” Kelce joked, implying that the commander in chief’s official aircraft should have room for his entire inner circle. “I think we could all fit in there.”

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Travis’ teammate George Karlaftis also shared similar plans, but revealed that he does not want to travel anywhere on Air Force One, but rather wants to bring his loved ones to him.

“My family is in Greece, man, you know, half of my family,” Karlaftis, 23, said in the clip. “So I would fly them over and just enjoy the White House. Maybe walk around a little bit, there’s a golf course there.”

The Kansas City Chiefs visited President Joe Biden at the White House on May 31 to celebrate their victory in Super Bowl LVIII. After addressing the crowd, Biden, 81, turned the podium over to Travis and mocked the football player for his antics last year. (During the Chiefs’ 2023 appearance, Travis jokingly walked to the podium before quarterback Patrick Mahomes escorted him away.)


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“I would let Travis come here, but only God knows what he would say,” Biden teased last month. “Travis, come here, it’s all yours, buddy.”

Travis walked up to Biden and shook his hand before delivering his speech to the audience.

“My fellow Americans, it is nice to see [of] “You again,” Travis said. “I’m not going to lie, President Biden, they told me if I came up here I would be tasered, so I’m going back to my seat.”

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Jason, 36, was impressed by his little brother’s special moment, but Travis admitted he had not meant what the secret service had told him before the event.

“When I walked in, about four or five members of the Secret Service came up to me and told me, ‘You know, if you walk up to that podium, we have the authority to taser you,'” Travis recalled on a recent episode of his and Jason’s podcast, “New Heights.” “That was all that was going through my mind. I had no idea that President Biden was going to ask me to come forward and give me my moment. And he comes right up to me and the first thing he said was [to] give me the word. And I felt [a] The whole time I was up there, there was a taser pointed at me.”

Jason, however, insisted that since Biden had invited Travis, he should not be afraid of being tasered.

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